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10/7 c114 105Phanstarlight
Oof, that last one sent a chill up my spine
9/22 c113 Phanstarlight
"Not if you value your teeth" had me giggling :'D
8/29 c110 Phanstarlight
Absoultely perfect, that ending gave me a good chuckle too!
8/29 c109 Phanstarlight
The imagery is this is so beautiful
8/28 c111 11quarterhorseranch
8/28 c110 quarterhorseranch
7/30 c107 46megSUPERFAN
So many updates on your Musings! Thank you! :D
I love how you write the character's voices- even in these short scenes the reader can see and feel so much. (And as always I ADORE your Samwise!)

Great work!
6/13 c105 11quarterhorseranch
“His soul was not yours to keep” GUH that hits hard
12/28/2019 c102 quarterhorseranch
Well now I’m hungry! X’D
11/21/2019 c105 105Phanstarlight
Such a sweet and wonderful exchange :)
9/16/2019 c105 46megSUPERFAN
Very well-written! My heart broke a little again in pity for Frodo, feeling as if he'd done too much to bear and at the same time, not enough. I also like how you portrayed the gentleness of King Elessar.
This reminded me of a fic by Laura Andrews on this site- with Frodo post-Quest talking to Galadriel.
4/27/2019 c104 megSUPERFAN
So much Hobbit influence among the Elves. :) I love it!
4/25/2019 c103 megSUPERFAN
I think I've seen the "Silence Hoped For" drabble before... maybe in a different chapter of Musings?
Very nice set of drabbles. :) I really like how you write the perspectives of the likes of Ted Sandyman!
4/16/2019 c102 margie-me
These are all of them marvelous! Thank you so much for such delightful tributes to Tolkien's work.
4/15/2019 c102 megSUPERFAN
Don't forget about including Bilbo in the feast! Although he likely will smell the food and get up anyway. :) I love stories about hobbits and food, what a wonderful combination!
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