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5/12/2020 c1 WiseAbsol
Things I Enjoyed in This Chapter:

-I’m flattered that “Angelic Shadows” is one of the inspirations for you with this fic!
-There are strong stakes to this story within a few paragraphs, with Lydia struggling to keep moving and an army after her.
-“Perhaps that second neck of yours need a good twist.” I’m such a sucker for jokes about Mewtwo’s silly second neck. I like her spunk here, too, and how she dismisses his explanation for what that neck actually is. It’s a great reflection of the fandom debate over the subject.
-Mewtwo, or rather Rhyss, is going to seal away her memories of their romance for her own safety. I’m sure this will be reversed down the road (and may backfire on them, since this solution never seems to work out for Mewtwo the way that he hopes it will), and I’m curious as to why it’s necessary for them to do this.
-Ah, Giovanni is still a bastard in this universe, which is difficult for Rhyss to deal with, since he considered him a brother. I can see where “The Mewtwo File” has been an inspiration here, and I’m curious as to what their relationship looked like, before this conflict went down.
-Lydia is pregnant, and I’m also a sucker for the secret baby trope and seeing what their family life will look like down the road, when they’re all together again.
-Awww, he gives her crescent moon-shaped necklace. I love it.
-We flash back to two years ago, and Team Rocket and Giovanni are doing very well for themselves. I like the line, “He was simply a business man, and a hard one at that.”
-“The weak suffer and fall, but the strong stand tall and rise up” is a great summary of the warped way that Giovanni sees the world, which he then, unfortunately, passed on to Mewtwo.
-I wonder if the boy with the black hair and turquoise eyes will come into play again later?
-I find it curious that Lydia thinks that she might be asked to assassinate a pokémon. I wonder if Giovanni has been gunning for some Legendaries?
-Lydia also wonders why Giovanni assigns assassinations to his potential recruits, but it seems to me that the answer is that it’s because it’s mostly a win scenario for him. If they succeed and get caught, he’s still down an enemy, and he probably has the means to get out of any accusations his failed recruits might level at him. If they succeed and don’t get caught, he’s down an enemy and has new allies. Them not succeeding is probably a bigger problem, but he can always send someone else after the target, and again, deny any allegations leveled against him.
5/12/2020 c5 7WiseAbsol
Things I Enjoyed in This Chapter:

-Good on you for deleting that review. Even if your story’s premise has been done before, the personal flair you give to it is what’s important. Where fiction is concerned, everything’s a remix! Not accepting that is the sign of an immature reader.

-“This is the second time he’s done this now. I’ve no chance of getting the finding I required.” But Giovanni, aren’t you one of the richest men in the world? Why not renovate the research facilities yourself? Does Salford have proprietary technology that you were hoping to get a hold of?

-“The term ‘brother’ is not one I would use personally, but Mewtwo has adapted to it. However, since it pleases him in some sense, I have no had an issue with him using it.” I bet that Mewtwo doesn’t realize that Giovanni is only humoring him about this. The heartbreak is going to be devastating.

-“It took some serious convincing to get him to continue the project, so I told him I’d give him the funding to work on a project of his own alongside the project he was doing for me.” Ooooooh, Ai/Amber’s resurrection attempt is canon in this story. I wonder if it met any more success this time?

-It’s mentioned that Giovanni raised Mewtwo as a close friend, which is interesting. That likely contributes to why Mewtwo looks up to him the way that he does.

-“It is simply due to the unwanted attention Mewtwo would receive.” That concern is a little sweet from someone like Giovanni. Though it seems there is a pragmatic reason for it, too: “The last thing we need is the media hounding us and if this got out it could potentially shut down Team Rocket’s operations due to misconduct.” This is a fair point, but also, is Team Rocket a known criminal organization, or is it viewed as a legitimate company? Also, is Mewtwo’s existence a publicly known fact in this society, while his origins have been obscured?

-About the ESP Consolidation: “My team runs tests on him to measure the capabilities of his powers. I supervise this, of course, however recently I have not been able to.” Oooooh boy I think the scientists have been overstepping Mewtwo’s boundaries during these tests. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some medical malpractice going on as well.

-“Since he’s a powerhouse, we use the armour to restrict his powers to a certain level. He’s still learning to control them. He has the potential to blow up this building if he truly wanted to and kill all of us in it, as well as tear a man apart with just a simple glimpse. [ . . . ] Some of my staff know that from experience.” Yikes. I wonder if those scientists did anything to earn being ripped apart?

-“Which is why he must not remove the armour on grounds.” I love this horrible detail and the subsequent discussion of how Mewtwo sleeps. An inhibitor collar and a paralysis chip also keep Mewtwo in check when his armor isn’t on. That…really, really sucks. For one thing, it’s dehumanizing. For another, it’s going to make any intimate moments Mewtwo tries to have later on awkward at best.

-Oh noooo the chip is also a kill-switch. “Lydia stared at him is disbelief, unable to comprehend he was this much of an evil bastard.” Hard same, Lydia.

-In response to her asking if Mewtwo has rebelled, Giovanni says, “Against others, yes. That was a messy day.” I shouldn’t find that funny, but the casual way he says it cracks me up.

-Lydia is going to be hanging out with Mewtwo for seven months largely unsupervised. I am already excited about her potentially introducing him to the joys of life, namely ice cream. There’s no way that Lydia doesn’t like ice cream.

-“They are forbidden to do any blood-work on him”—that’s not good. You catch a lot of health problems that way. No genetic testing, on the other hand, I could see. Which also doesn’t mean that the scientists haven’t been doing just that behind Giovanni’s back. I get the sense that there are some things very amiss with those sessions.

-“She didn’t like Mewtwo but she didn’t want to see a Pokemon simply being used for the man’s benefit to suffer.” Awww, look at that kernel of goodness in her heart. May it continue to grow as the story progresses.

-Pager alert! We’re definitely in the 1990s.

-“I don’t believe you. I am this close to cutting it off.” I feel like this might have something to do with Fujimoto’s other project, rather than something banal like Mewtwo’s tail, but we shall see.

-Looks like Mewtwo’s brow caught some of the glass from his broken visor, given the bandage there. Eesh.

-“Not like I needed my privacy that much anyway I suppose.” I feel you Mewtwo. Having a dorm mate is overrated. Giovanni, you really couldn’t set up a room next door for her? You’re just asking for them to get together. “And they were roommates” is a tried and true trope for a reason.

-“[The beating] is normal is I fail. Don’t worry about it.” Woof, that’s not good. Also Davies is an idiot. He knows that Mewtwo has torn apart one or more scientists before. I won’t be shocked if he meets a similarly messy fate, once Mewtwo is no longer in his various shackles.

-Mewtwo has never watched any movies. Lydia, you must correct this deficit in his life immediately.

-He has claws in this story. I love it when he has claws. They’re so much fun!

-Mewtwo having a thin, easily snappable neck makes me scream internally.

-“Sure I can’t stand ya very much right now, but I’ll be damned if they’re gonna treat ya that badly when all you’ve done is serve them.” Awww, good progress on being nice, Lydia.

-“It’s an herbal ointment that’s derived from the bark of a tree deep in the Guana Jungle. It’s supposed to help heal wounds quicker.” The idea that her mother might have been from the same region that Mew inhabits is super intriguing. I want to know more about her!
5/12/2020 c4 WiseAbsol
Things I Enjoyed in This Chapter:

First, my apologies, I didn’t realize that FFN wasn’t placing spaces between each note that I jotted down. I’ll try to make sure that my next two reviews are easier to read.

-I enjoy her being curious about his ears and fangs and probably sandpapery tongue.

-“As much as she wanted to deny it, staring at him gave her a brief insight into his elaborate story about the boss being his brother; she could literally see Giovanni’s features in his face the more she looked at him. The same slanted eyes, same firm mouth. Same sinister attitude towards everything and everyone. Mewtwo mimicked his ‘brother’ accurately.” I like how the similarities between the two characters are highlighted here.

-“If your life is truly so bad then leave!” Good for you, Mewtwo, standing up for yourself when she’s being a jerk. She is not accepting her new assignment with anything close to grace. Honestly, compared to killing someone, hanging out with you sounds like the much better job.

-“Yes master.” His displeased reaction to her calling him that puts this version of him in sharp contrast to the Mewtwo in the first movie, who demanded deference from Nurse Joy.

-“He stared at her for a moment. It only took half a second, not even that but she saw an almost scared look cross his features.” Oooooh, that’s intriguing. Apparently he doesn’t like the “Intense ESP Consolidation” part of his training.

-Huh, so Roberta Salford appears to be from a rival crime organization, and she’s being very critical of Giovanni’s gym and the scientists. And Giovanni is putting up with it for funding purposes. That’s curious.

-Mewtwo is punished when he disappoints Giovanni. That’s upsetting, but also not surprising, since Giovanni is very firm about how he deals with failures.

-Uh-oh, Lydia is already in trouble with Giovanni for shirking her duties.

-“Oh come on! He deserves something for that!” Ah, Lydia, I see you softening towards Mewtwo.

-It looks like Mewtwo is either being physically drained from these displays of his power, or is having anxiety-related performance issues. I love this twist, since it makes Mewtwo more vulnerable and relatable as a character.

-This battle with the Machamp is tense, given that Mewtwo doesn’t just bowl over the opposition here like he does in the anime. Him having to resort to physically jumping out of the way is much more dynamic than him just flinging psychic energy at his opponents. This is a very smart change.

-Ooof, while Mewtwo wins the fight, his performance wasn’t good enough, and Davies actually punches and cracks Mewtwo’s visor out of frustration. As much as Lydia has been disparaging Mewtwo since she met him, seeing people actually commit verbal and physical violence against him gets her hackles up (meaning she’s all bark and no bite where he’s concerned). It’s a nice moment of character growth, with her going from aggressive to defensive of Mewtwo. Hopefully it will make her reflect on how harsh she's been to him.
5/12/2020 c3 WiseAbsol
Things I Enjoyed in This Chapter:

-Kaya’s Brenda being an inspiration for Lydia is amazing. I’m sure that Kaya would be delighted to know that she inspired your story as well!
-Oh, there are mind-wiping serums in this story. So it’s not just Mewtwo with that power. Woof, that could lead to some sticky situations down the road!
-Ah, Giovanni, do you have a whole set of glasses to crush in your hands dramatically? I really enjoy the thought of Domino ordering him a new set when he runs out.
-It turns out that only two of the recruits managed their tasks. Yikes. I’m assuming the other one was the boy with the turquoise eyes.
-Lydia isn’t fond of cats. I can’t relate to her on that count, since I adore cats, but I do find this funny considering her eventual relationship with Rhyss.
-Giovanni’s contract amounts to an “I own you now” arrangment. He better be paying her a staggering amount of money and giving her the best housing and amenities in exchange. If his deal doesn’t include dental, she should bail.
-Her codename is Viper. Way cooler than Domino. No offense, Domino.
-Agent 729B suggests that there's an Agent 729A. Might that be Rhyss or the guy with the turquoise eyes?
-Oh no, Giovanni IS in his orange business suit! Buddy, I’m not sure you can judge the late Paulo for his style now.
-“He had no friends, and those he did have he had pushed away without a second thought, even if years of friendship had been involved.” This is definitely a commentary on his relationship with Lydia’s father. Also, of course Giovanni isn’t embracing the Power of Friendship in a franchise that is all about that.
-“His breath was disgusting, reeking of morning coffee.” Someone needs Domino to order him some Tic-Tacs, doesn’t he?
-Mewtwo in armor is the best. It’s such an iconic look. I like Lydia’s dig at how scrawny his arms are, too. He’s all lower body strength.
-“He is considered the strongest Pokemon to currently exist and does me proud on many the occasion.” I see the emotional manipulation that you’re doing here, Giovanni. No wonder Mewtwo’s feelings about him are going to be conflicted later on.
-“She hated cats and she really hated people that gloated about them.” This is so funny to me, and it’s so blindingly clear that Lydia has never had a pet cat in her life. No one’s hatred of cats can survive the experience of a cat bonding with you. Which I daresay Lydia is going to learn soon enough.
-“So, I am assigning you as his trainer while I revoke my status as the Viridian Gym leader for the time being.” I like that we have this grounding detail where the timeline is concerned.
-“She saw the Pokemon flinch again, but it made no movement other than that.” Mewtwo is not pleased that his brother is leaving him to another stranger. I don’t blame him. This woman doesn’t even like cats.
-Huh, speaking Pokemon is something people can elect to train in? That’s a cool detail.
- Mr. Davies tells Lydia not to be rude to Mewtwo and use his proper pronouns. Smart man.
-She also hates psychics. This is, again, funny, given that her kid is almost certainly going to have powers.
-“Her first day at a new job and she was left to babysit her boss’s big bad Pokemon.” LOL.
-“And this whole time I thought maybe the cat had its own tongue.” Again, lol.
-“But my brother requests it and I shall respect his decision.” This is setting up for some major heartbreak later. I already feel bad for Rhyss.
-Lydia asks how Giovanni and Rhyss can be related and I’m like, “Just look at their eyebrows, Lydia. They have the same eyebrows.”
-Rhyss reads to pass the time. A guy after my own heart. I’m curious to see what kinds of books he’s into.

I need to take a break to pick up groceries, but I'll be back shortly.
5/12/2020 c2 WiseAbsol
Things I Enjoyed in This Chapter:

-I like the Team Rocket agent who hands Lydia her kill letter. There is a part of me that desperately wants to see what the inside of the TR mail room looks like and hear the gossip of the people working there. There’s an implication here that this man was injured on the job and reassigned to giving other agents their assignments. As ruthless as Giovanni is, he doesn’t seem to be ableist (or at least he keeps on agents who have proven themselves, even if they aren’t as physically capable anymore as they once were).
-Lydia finds screaming children tiresome; this is funny, considering she’ll probably have a psychic kid down the road.
-I enjoy that Giovanni has her allocated time amount down to the second. This suggests that he factored in just how long the delivery of the message would take and how long Lydia would wait before opening the letter, which is so extra of him (Mewtwo also got his sense of drama from Giovanni, I swear).
-I’m assuming that Giovanni isn’t having her be picked up from the crime scene, as her being able to extract herself from the situation seems like it would be a good skill for her to have.
-Given the target’s description, I feel like Giovanni wants him dead half because of his lack of style. Which is amusing, given his burnt orange outfit in the anime (we’ll just assume he’s in his black business attire in this version).
-It occurs to me that Lydia doesn’t have a pokémon. Domino doesn’t seem to either. You’d think it would be useful to have magical critters as your allies in a conflict, but perhaps this is a reflection of Giovanni wanting his agents to be self-reliant, rather than reliant on their pokémon.
-Joining Team Rocket might not be the best way to avoid hurting the innocent, Lydia, but if Giovanni keeps you on missions to take out his rivals, you’ll probably still be happy with the gig.
-I’m curious to learn more about Lydia’s parents. Melrose is such a great name for a family in crime thriller story.
-Ah, looks like Giovanni invited Lydia to take a crack at becoming a TR agent. I wonder what her father thinks about that?
-Huh, the facility was established in 1945. I wonder what year this story takes place in?
-“The streaks of moonlight that hit her as she ran towards the entrance of the building revealed her athletic frame, but illuminated the various scars on her body.” I like the cinematic feel of this line.
- Lydia hates cigars. I feel that, Lydia. I live in a big city and take public transport most places. The second-hand smoke problem is terrible.
-One of the kids comes up to his dad and hugs him. Awkward. This is probably why Giovanni gave her days to get the assassination done. Make her grapple with killing a family man.
-The scuffle on the roof is tense! Good job!
2/18/2020 c5 8sailor super-starS
this is so cute, i love it! XD
1/4/2020 c5 DarthJosku
Holy shit an update?
8/29/2016 c3 SolusPrimeLightblast
Awesome, can't wait for more!
5/25/2016 c3 sailor super-starS
This is amazing and I wanna read more!
5/6/2016 c3 DarthJosku
Really good. :)
5/5/2016 c3 Guest
This is amazing! I love it!
8/29/2012 c1 7TheFrogFromHell
So far, it's good. I'd like to read the next chapter! And I like the flash-forward approach; it's very unique. Just one suggestion: the character of Lydia really interests me; it would be nice if we could see more of her personality in the way she interacts with other characters and internal dialogues rather than descriptions of her personality. Let the reader decide how s/he views her character rather than telling us what we should conclude about her personality (i.e. "she was a ruthless and cunning girl"- let us see her ruthlessness and cunning). That's the only criticism I have... I definitely want to keep reading, so I'll be awaiting your next update! (But no pressure).
8/25/2012 c1 2HieiHeeroJiroRikuSesshySeto
oh wow I rilly like this fic please continue it soon _
7/9/2012 c1 1Tsaukpaetra
Ah, so you had a flash forward to the end of the arc? Clever, but i wonder how you're going to get there.
Keep going! :)
7/8/2012 c1 7WiseAbsol
Definitely an interesting start! The flash-forward promises an exciting and dramatic - shall we say mid-season finale? It certainly promises that there will be action and romance/lemony content and a psychic baby, and really, what more can I ask for? The premise of watching a very cold Lydia defrost through her interactions with Mewtwo - who, it seems, will be able to transform into a human and eventually be named Rhyss - is certainly intriguing. Your Giovanni and Domino characterizations also appear accurate, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.

In any case, thanks for the read! I'm looking forward to more.

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