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4/23/2015 c13 HeadHusky
I wonder if their children will be expert commando's, shooting guns all over the place causing Blu to get in trouble with his mate.
4/23/2015 c12 HeadHusky
Damn if this was real, girls would be running through the streets trying to have sex with their boyfriends. XD
4/22/2015 c6 HeadHusky
Awesome story, I don't like the whole war thing and the machine guns (I thought you were playing too much Call of Duty) but I didn't let it ruin the story and it was awesome. I am amazed I am only half way through, this is going to be quite the tale.
4/22/2015 c4 HeadHusky
Why did I get a Call of Duty feel at the end?
4/22/2015 c3 HeadHusky
Well this was very, very, very strange. I mean they have GUNS! How do they have guns? If these birds were real we would all be dead.
12/20/2014 c13 drew allen ace 2
Make a next part but them all going to the amazon like in Rio 2 but they are still going out with each other and they still in the army and yea I really liked this story
10/8/2014 c13 Nam Chu
The more heroic Blu and his siblings are in the first chapters, the more pathetic they are in the last chapters
8/21/2014 c8 BYARLANT CUSTOM
How about a story about female spix macows fighting over for blu it would be fun
8/21/2014 c8 Guest
How about a story about female spix macows fighting over for blu
5/4/2014 c13 Dyan
Where the f*** are u man
1/3/2014 c2 syphnix war
All my troops has fallen I must seek recruits in Brazil as my last hope to reach reinforcements. A young syphnix paced back and forth in front of the council,"Recruit as many as you can we are falling back and we'll need all the wings we can get or hands either way,"A big old owl said."But sur, what if they don't want to then arrest them enslave them anyway to get them in our side like you said,"the syphnix asked. "Yes by any means neccesary. Take troops with you ,leave right now. Oh and on your way there to Rio De janeiro if you see a cookatoo kill him. We have already trouble with him, Alright syphnix you are dismiss,"he ended. "Yes sur,"the syphnix turned and left.

Meanwhile, in Rio ... ... .. ...
At a food market was hidden a funky hip hop club where macaws, cardinals, and other birds come around to feel the rhythm of samba. Inside everywhere was cast with moving colors and dancing macaws of cardinals. At the top of the stage a familiar cardinal was singing i want a samba along with his friend. Everyone was having a great time,"Wow, blu nice moves,"Jewel said. "Not as good as yours," he replied. "Oh and the fun dosen't end there does it,"she stated answereing with a sly smile, they were still dancing, when blu requested if she needed anything to drink,"I think I can manage, Blu," she responded. She kissed him,"I'm going to get a drink,Jewel, I'll be right back,"he excused himself. "Fine,but hurry back,"she turned to run slam into the syphnix."Oh sorry, Miss,"he helped her up. "I'm fine,"she answered back."Wow,"the syphnix peered at her eyes memerized for a moment. "Ummm, so whats your name,"she asked. "The name is syphnix, captain of the airforce don't like to brag but I have had many battles I've been in. So do you have husband or a boyfriend Cause if you don't then today is your lucky day,"he sweet talked her. "Look captain syphnix. But I'm already taken," she was interuppted."By who?" he asked. "None of your business,so if you just leave there won't be any consequences,"she warned."Woa, I was only asking, no need for that type of attitude" he said.

While at the bar . . .. . . . .. . . . to be continued
8/19/2013 c7 Guest
Lol still a great story but soap and price XD...
8/19/2013 c5 Guest
Wow that was good but I feel someone was playing a little to much cod while writing ;)
5/15/2013 c13 7Blu100-Jewel100
Outstanding job on this story.
5/15/2013 c12 Blu100-Jewel100
lemon please
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