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2/5 c2 FadedGloryyyChief Sosa
This is absolutely one of my favorite LOK fanfics, I’m a Huge Zutara fan and have grown to like The Korroh pairing. It’s so natural and you are an amazing writer. I rate this a 9/10 :)
12/27/2015 c2 4latenightvodka
Mako the jerk...
Is it bad that I don't like Asami anymore?
1/12/2015 c4 The Night Whisperer
This was a truly beautiful ending :) Thanks for writing this awesome story!
1/12/2015 c3 The Night Whisperer
I loved it! This was the fluffiest chapter yet :)
1/12/2015 c2 The Night Whisperer
I thought it was very sweet of Iroh to comfort Korra and reassure her that the decision she made was the right one. This was a wonderful chapter :)
1/12/2015 c1 The Night Whisperer
Awww, this was so cute! I loved when Korra approached Iroh for the first time and how they interacted afterwards. I also like how everything flows naturally and nothing seems forced, like this is something that could have possibly happened in the show. I can't wait to see how the next chapter turns out :)
12/13/2014 c3 THEBOXGHOST113
I'm just patiently waiting for Korra to flick his forehead as a goodbye. I would love that. But this story IS awesome.
6/22/2014 c1 25MonkD.drgn
I like this very much, keep up the good work.
3/30/2014 c4 makorraholic
OMG this was the cutest story about korrih ive ever read love it
8/6/2013 c1 Fullmetalkekkaishi
The chapter was really good. I like the part with Korra and Iroh were kids.
4/1/2013 c1 name
3/13/2013 c4 ksalxo
so cute! :)
10/24/2012 c4 1Kirida
Love Iroh and Korra so much. Wonderful story.
9/2/2012 c4 8Imtryingmybestok
so cute i ove it this is the ship i am willing to go down with forever.
8/16/2012 c3 stephanienoble27
Amazeballs. You don't know how many times I bit my lip and squealed. Love it to bits.
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