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for Heylin Emporor and Xiaolin EmpressFate Chase

3/10/2015 c3 bloodstone38
I can't wait see the interaction between Chase and Kimiko when he finds out she's the knew Empress. He's going to try and make her his queen, I just know it.
11/13/2013 c3 Liz
Will this be the first time that the jewel is a ring? Will Chase soul begin to speak to Kimiko end her dreams? Has that happen to other emperoresses? Will Chase Young, who is try to regain his soul, start to feel for Kimiko as well? Will be like in Sailor Moon season where Serena love is torn between into two people? One an abraian knight dress in white and the other is a normal guy? Had the ailen siblings and the doom tree? Will Chase think at first that it is because Kimkiko holds his soul, then that she put a spell on him, each reason to explain the increased pull toward the fire dragon more crazy than the last. Please update soon
7/14/2012 c3 19xsasuhinax
Aww yes Kimiko has gotten even more beautiful! Sweet that Rai likes her but too bad. D. Rest in piece kimiko's grandmother and the xiaolin empress. I hope to see more chapters. Take your time, don't rush to update a story for us. :)
7/7/2012 c2 1xiaolinfan18
WOW. There's no other words to describe it than that. Great way to start out a story BTW. please write more
6/30/2012 c1 sailorvmelody
this sound really interesting!
However, bother chapters you posted are the same (just letting you know)

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