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10/8/2019 c7 RuneMarauder189
This chapter was so, so hard to read. My dad’s brother died this May due to cancer and your description of Charlie’s quick descent was so similar to my uncle’s.
5/13/2018 c10 Patriciadiane
Loved it. Emmett is so lovesble, honest, caring, protective and oh, yea cute
5/13/2018 c9 Patriciadiane
Alice trustworthy. Hummmm
5/13/2018 c8 Patriciadiane
Got music to explore after this tale is complete I love how Emmett handled Esme. Seriously she calls to tell Bella to get the heck out of Dodge on the day of her father’s funeral. Someone needs to bitch slap that pos.

I love Emmett’s expressions and turn of a phrase.
5/13/2018 c7 Patriciadiane
Reading this on Mother’s Day —- so emotional
Great chapter
Love Charlie. Sad he is gone but love how he got in Esme’s face a couple of chapters ago.
Emmett is a Love Bug
5/13/2018 c6 Patriciadiane
Awwww, sweet baby Jesus! Says it all
5/13/2018 c5 Patriciadiane
Loved it. You captured the guy with the potato problem perfectly,
Your description of her escaping the store was perfection.
5/13/2018 c4 Patriciadiane
Oh, this is just too rich. Esme norm in wrong side of tracks. Hope that comes back to bite her in the ASS.
This just keeps getting better!

Maybe I’m thinking Emmett crushed on Bella in HS!
5/13/2018 c3 Patriciadiane
Well, hello, Jasper! Long engagement, can’t stand her parents, love the guy!
Rosie married to Jake! ;)
Emmett’s her brother —- ;)
Edward married to Tanya - a match made in hades
Esme’s long retirement, public servant. Let’s slap that bitch.
Let the games begin
5/13/2018 c2 Patriciadiane
Bella’s got need to talk to Seth about his father before it blows up.

Loved Seth’s description of the dead dear exploding.
5/13/2018 c1 Patriciadiane
I am not even going waste words describing the hirrendous behavior of Edward. Imagine having his cold heart as your physician!

Go bells.
4/27/2017 c10 guest
Loved it
4/17/2017 c10 19orchidluv
Awwww so sweet!
4/17/2017 c6 orchidluv
Mmm thanksgiving kisses. yummy!
3/2/2016 c10 TinaF
Wow amazing! Thank you for sharing.
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