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for Abused then Loved

4h c50 Stacy Damato
Please update this story is so good and can't wait to see what happens next
3/4 c50 ILoveGeorgeEads
I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it.
3/4 c49 ILoveGeorgeEads
I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it
3/4 c50 kirsty21
3/3 c50 14Love Faith Embers
Yay! ️
3/3 c50 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I really like it
3/3 c50 HoneyBear84
Love it and seriously can't wait for the next update
3/3 c50 Wishfull-star
That was a lovely ending thank you for writing this story and stay safe:)
3/2 c50 2blackangel150
Love this chapter and yup that is how children are can’t keep a secret from anyone lol
3/2 c50 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
3/2 c50 mizzrazz72
Harry has his family and happy.
3/2 c50 Sarahamanda Klaine
i like this chapter. It is a good chapter. Please update soon.
3/2 c50 wandamarie
Loved it thank you
2/20 c24 N. A. Wennerholm
Reading this reminds me of when my own grandmother was tending to my own mother when she was in a bad way she was a health care worker herself. An RN to be precise. Even though we had doctors to. And one doctor who was as close good friend and neighbor of our family who helped where he could. My mother was very sensitive and allergic to many medications so they had to use other methods of treatment and healing. such as dietary suppliments and herbs. Along with watching what foods she ate. I 2v3n 4emember my grandmother tending to my own healthcare needs since I didn't have Health insurance and couldn't afford 5h3 medical bills and my parents didn't have that kind of money to help either That is one reason we need single pair here in the United States so badly that way the doctors can use what ever mothod 8fctreatment will 2ork best for the patient that won't cause harm.

And with COVID-19 right now and many being pushy with the vaccines dispute many who most likely can't have it them because of being allergic to something in it. ai for one am allergic to the Vaccines out there because in one or more ingredient in each one. They make me very sick. Same goes for others in my family. So we use other methods of treatment and quarantine ourselves away when necessary when sick or to keep from getting sick when a highly contagious disease is going around and if we have to go out we wear a mask to minimize getting infected.

Besides the Bible talks about using quarantine to stop and slow down the spread of disease. But sadly many ignore or forget that fact. IDIOTS!
2/20 c49 mizzrazz72
Everyone was happy in the end.
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