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for A Professional Relationship

5/29/2013 c1 Numbuh361
Nice lemon wish you would do another one
7/6/2012 c1 Guest
hehe I like the ending hehehe
7/1/2012 c1 6DarthWill3
Looks like Harvey really wasn't kidding. Of course, he never really saw his sister naked, he just chickened out she took off her shirt. I can see why he didn't answer Lee's question on the last fanfic. LOL

Looks like Nigel and Rachel have pretty good muscles while being fit for combat as well as sex.

Hopefully, Nigel will have that semen stain washed up before going out. Leave no traces of evidence behind.

Rachel must be having a lot of fun alone in her house, with her and her boyfriend in her room, and with a disturbed little brother downstairs. ROFL

Dare I say that 1x362 are a cute couple? While having only their pants on while making love to each other, it's good that they're thinking of how it'll reflect on their reputations.

Nice to see Nigel ride his girlfriend in bed with care. Boys can be heavier than girls.

Imagine Harvey wanting to experience of spending so much time in the "birds and the bees" with his future girl. I bet he'll love it.

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