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8/14/2018 c6 4TheFastFox
Waitwaitwaitwait... If Brigitta was 4... The Gretl wouldn't be born yet... Oh. My brain!
10/30/2015 c2 4MontmarayRoyal
This is a great story, about one of my favorite characters in the movie. Forgive my ignorance, but what did the governess do to Liesl, you seem to have something specific in mind, but I can't figure it out. Really amazing characterization in this story.
8/5/2012 c11 A Light in the Night
Great ending! I loved the entire story!
8/3/2012 c6 136Lady Eleanor Boleyn
I thought he might be feeling like this...I'm glad Liesel was there for him!
8/3/2012 c5 Lady Eleanor Boleyn
Never thought of Louisa like this, but it works...
8/3/2012 c4 Lady Eleanor Boleyn
Kurt so desperately trying to be the man he thinks he should be to make things easier on his eldest touching! Great job!
8/3/2012 c3 Lady Eleanor Boleyn
Haha! This is cute! I love the idea of Liesel teaching Brigitta to read!
8/3/2012 c2 Lady Eleanor Boleyn
OH! So sad! :(
8/3/2012 c1 Lady Eleanor Boleyn
Aw! This is cute! Would love it if you carried on here...and did the other kids too...Brigitta's always been my favourite...hint hint...
7/30/2012 c10 A Light in the Night
Captain! Ahhh I feel bad for him, but mostly for the children. Maybe an ending could be a conversation between him and Liesl about some important things that had transpired when the Captain had been ignoring them. Liesl could say that he was forgiven, because this would add that necessary closure. Just a thought!
7/30/2012 c9 A Light in the Night
Awww, I really like the made up history!
7/26/2012 c1 Guest
The Sound of Music is a great family movie, and your writing portrays it perfectly. The title “Liesl” does not however describe the content of your work accurately. The story is more about Gretl and her how vulnerable she is. Gretl first adopts Liesl as a guardian and thereafter Maria. My title would rather be “Gretl’s guardians”…
7/22/2012 c8 A Light in the Night
Awww, little Liesl! She seemed so charming and outgoing. Keep up the great writing!
7/22/2012 c8 Guest
I really enjoyed these. They're a little different...a bit dark, insightful, surprising. Nice job!
7/21/2012 c1 A Light in the Night
Awesome story, I am the commenter Coolio (Just got an account)
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