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for Whispers In The Dark

5/8/2018 c17 2Paradox Seekeress
Interesting.. owo...continue
4/29/2018 c9 Guest
Hey bud don’t feel that way. I deal with issues too so ya ain’t alone, the fact that you had the guts to say that is very insperational. But hey there has to be a better way to cope then cutting I tried it once and scared/scar myself. If it means anything to you I’m praying for you.

Long live the emo’s!
12/27/2017 c1 1Blade Foxfairy
I meant "never forget that" on my first review on chapter 17!
I'm so sorry!
12/27/2017 c17 Blade Foxfairy
Please continue!

And please know you are not worthless,you are important,and forget that.*hugs*
11/17/2017 c17 Primus
Hurry and put another chapter!
6/13/2017 c9 Guest
Good for you for saying this. Good for you for saying this! I don't personally know you but I'm proud of you for saying this. I'm only flaming the people who think it's OK to be rude to people different than them. The more different a person is, the more fun the group is. That's usually true. I'm sure you're far too much fun to be around!
50 out of 10 on your story so far!
~Erza Fullbuster-Scarlet
5/18/2016 c9 Account is dead 58
Oh... personally, I was going to give you feedback on your story but this is heartbreaking. I know it hurts. It hurts like heck. You have no idea how many people love your stories online, so you are DEFINITELY NOT A WASTE OF SPACE! I do not know why you would think that. Cheer up, girl (or boy). I'm a perfectly flawful teenager. Being perfect means having flaws. Do not be afraid to tell your mother that you've been recently hurting yourself because of mean kids at school. Those kids are just jerks, picking on someone as perfect (in a perfectly flawful way) as you. Tell your mother, and she'll be so overwhelmed that this happened right underneath her nose and she was part of the cause. Don't be afraid to tell. It's not tattling. It's being responsible, and those kids shouldn't get away with hurting you this bad. It makes me feel horrible that you feel this way. I am truly here if you need anything, even though you have probably moved on from fanfiction. I fully and strongly believe that you are not a waste of space, and that's one person in the world who does. You have no frickin' idea how many people think that. So hugs for you, and please, please, for my sake, stop cutting.
5/10/2016 c17 1ravenshadowprime
cant wait for next update
11/19/2015 c17 7RatchetLover
Plz more soon
9/10/2015 c17 2SnowKi
More pleaz
2/26/2015 c17 5CaptainBlue56
You gonna update?
12/30/2014 c9 3Evening star NMLR
Amen I have thought about running in front of a moving car,drowning my self, shooting my self, and of stabbing my heart. my parents think the cuts on my legs are from shaving but I cut my self I am bullied for my eyes becuase they change from brown to black to venom green and crimson and electric blue to dark violet and I'm bullied for my voice and since I wear black dresses with a crimson corset style ribbon with black tights and I'm always in the shadows at my old school I pretended to be mute until I sung Numb by Linkin Park at graduation I'm in middle school I was in 6th grade I'm in 7th now I ran up to the stage and said " hello you sickos I am Nightshade the girl you called a mute bitch wel I'm going to sing how I feel and you can't say shit about it" then I sang and it felt so good to sing my feelings then I kicked the boy who bullied me and called my baby sister (who was 2 and a half) a fat ugly bitch and her twin a scrawny waste of space, in the nuts then I broke his nose.
11/2/2014 c15 Guest
So sorry for your loss I've been through that myself it was along time ago but I still think and cry about it before I go to sleep every night before I go to bed . ... Not the crying part but the thinking part
11/2/2014 c9 Guest
If that is u in that picture u look cool I don't care what any of those people think u have a cool since of style.
10/21/2014 c1 OptimusPrimegirl213
Keep up the gpod work
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