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9/17 c19 Guest
Wow, it's crazy seeing this end. I started back when Dark Lords of Nerima was still being written and it's been a ride. I've loved this whole saga, and it's great to see it concluded
7/7 c19 guest eft
My kid kept at me to read this, I kept saying, Sailor Moon and Ramna are written so everything looks stupid.

Well, I finally tried your trilogy. It's splendid. Everyone is smart, twists, surprises, real characterization, world building - it's all there. It's the best thing pro, fanfic, or self-pubbed I've read in months.

3/27 c19 Anon
The ending was fantastic! I didn’t expect akane to straight up agree to sharing ranma with shampoo, even after the earlier scenes, but it really shwos how much they’ve grown to care for each other. Also found the politicians freaking out hilarious, and yay! They got the birthday party! The only thing i found lacking in this fic is that akane’s and ukyo’s friendship, such as it is, wasn’t really shown, their relarionship is supposed to be better than her and shampoo, but i can understand the need for increased ‘screentime’ between the latter for that very reason. I was slightly disappointed that jupiter didn’t get a big moment like the other inner senshi, but i can understand why not, the cast was really crowded as it was, and you did do a good job managing it other than such small things. I’m honestly nitpicking though, because i have no complaints about the prose, it had a good balance of easy to follow and descriptive. Thank you for doing something this good for free! Finally, i hope you’ve got ithid and your other stuff saved offline in case fanfiction dot net goes down or something else bad happens, this is a hoary old site after all. Best of luck to your future endeavors!
3/16 c19 Xxyz260
Just splendid. I liked this trilogy(?) very much. Now I'm only waiting for the epilogue.
2/15 c19 6The Tailor
I’ve been reading this for a few years and finally noticed this Chapter her had come out so reread the dark lords ascendant, I have to say it’s a lovely ending for what has been a remarkably pleasant read. Thank you very much for this experience.
2/6 c19 SonkaD
It's been several days since I finished reading, but it took me so long to write a review. It's damn hard to try and write a good review for a fic that means so much to you! Well, not as hard as writing the fic itself, of course, but still... :p The other reason I've been dragging my feet is... I don't want to close the book. I don't want this to finish. I don't want to let them go!
You deserve utmost respect for not only writing an awesome story, but also for bringing it to a conclusion. That's a colossal task. I can't believe you've been working on that for almost 14 years! You call yourself grimly determined, well I have to give you that! So thank you for investing so much of your time into writing such a wonderful story and sharing it with us. We're so lucky to have authors like you.
You writing is very polished, easy and pleasant to read, just detailed enough to not get boring. By the way, you almost got rid of the Ryouga mispelling by the time you reached The Dark Lords Ascendant, congrats! :p Your fighting scenes are awesome, and more than that, you excell in switching view points to juggle all the different characters and storylines. Very good job in that department.
As I said before, I liked what you did with some of the characters, Ranma and Ryouga of course, but also Konatsu, Mousse and Shampoo. Genma too. Another thing I liked is that you reached a very good balance between Ranma and Ryouga, in terms of screentime, skill, heroism...
Now there's one thing I liked less - I didn't really notice the first time but it became obvious during my second reading: you do a very good job on the characters/plotlines you chose to focus about, but you tend to dismiss the others quite drastically. That results in you using some characters only when they're useful to move your plot. The worse is Akane. Not that I'm a fan, I'm rather neutral to her, but come on, if you pair her with Ranma and he's the big hero here, she has to appear more. If only because she's going to interfere in the fights. The scene where Shampoo threatens Ranma to tell Akane where he's going is an acknowledgement that Akane _will_ interfere, yet she doesn't do it at any point in the story, and almost never is Ranma worried about her during the fights. Neither does Akane object to being given the less dangerous tasks (and thus the most far away from Ranma). So unlike her. They also never get to talk about their relationship, except for the one time when you want to use it as a plot device: when Luna spies on them. Akane actually appears almost only to deal with Shampoo! Ukyo is rather underused, at least in comparison to the way Konatsu is overused. The Kunos are also thrown to the background, then dragged back when they're needed in a fight, but one has to wonder why they came back. Happosai too is used just when needed (and that was a very good idea!) but discarded soon after (hard to believe he would never make it back...) Maybe I'm forgetting someone but that's all I remember right now. As for the topics that you treat the same way, I noted:
-the curses, that play almost no role anymore towards the end, although they're the core of Ranma 1/2... the Jusenkyo cursed usually get splashed a LOT more!
-the P-chan issue: okay, P-chan reveals have been done over and over again... but they're still needed at some point! You did touch the subject in the beginning: Ryouga's curse being kept secret is (one of) the reason(s) why he could forgive Beneda so easily. But he cannot tell her because Akane doesn't know. Later, it is not quite clear if it has been revealed, but it seems rather impossible that Akane and Beneda wouldn't know after sharing so many adventures and fights with Ryouga... Then again, he hardly ever transforms by the end, so...
-the trauma of the first big fight in the Dark Kingdom: well, isn't there any trauma? Except for Kodachi, no one seems to have any aftermath. And even so, Kodachi is actually rather affected by her confrontation with the Dark Mistress. But dammit, they all died there, except Ranma! Even if they were revived... It must do something to them? Especially when they invade the Dark Kingdom for the second time, they don't even flinch?
-Haruka and Ryouga: they never really settle things, do they? But they must have made peace in order to be able to fight further on the same side?
-the Ranma/Ryouga relationship: as I said, I like the balance between them, but we don't really know how they got to that point, how they handle their relationship. They used to be rivals, if not ennemies, and now they work hand in hand. There should be a lot to say here. By the way, I was stunned that you still called them rivals in ch.17 of DLA. Really, at this point? Rivals over what?
Well, I'll stop here, there may be other things I can't remember right now, but it doesn't matter. I'm sorry if it looks like I'm flaming you: that's not my intent at all, as I said I enjoyed the story immensely. I guess it's just human nature that we always have more to say about what is imperfect than about what is flawless. Even when the imperfections are minor. The rest of the story is just perfect, so once that is said, there's not much more to add. ;)
All those things I say you don't dwell on or follow up on, well I can understand that introspection or romance may not be your forte (although you did very well on the few occasions you went that way, for instance Hotaru/Ryoga in the last chapters), or maybe it is just not the tone you wanted for this work, and for sure adding all those things would have been very complicated to handle (even more events to follow) and would have made the story maybe to huge (although I would not mind reading more!).
Well that was about the whole DLA or even the whole series. Now more specifically about this chapter: I thought you'd tie everything up, but you actually let a lot of situations very open. Well I guess tying them up now could prove a bit heavy going, so maybe it's for the better. Still, I can't help but wonder what beomces of Minako's, Mousse's, Konatsu's, Beneda's love lives... And of course of Shampoo's dilemma! While reading wh.18, the thought occurred to me: could this be heading towards a threesome? Nay, not that kind of story... So you really got me surprised when you actually did it! But I have to wonder how it's going to work out exactly. I wonder if Akane is just suggesting a sort of cohabitation or if she is actually attracted to Shampoo... And Ranm seems to have no say in the matter so far! Any way, the scene with the discovery of his new bedroom was a lot of fun! So was the alien sailor senshi ans her crew, saved without being the wiser... By the end of the chapter, you got me almost worried that you might forget about the birthday party... You threw it in just in time! Still, I was surprise that the final scene was Usagi and Mamoru. They have a big part in here, sure, but that's still the story of the Dark Lords, so I had expected the final scene to be about the two of them... Maybe just the two of them sitting on a roof, or looking at their newly acquired kingdom and reflecting about how they got there and where they're heading to... Well maybe that's for the epilogue? Can't wait!
2/2 c19 Reader Just A
I have really enjoyed this story over the years thanks for sticking with it and delivering an epic saga
2/1 c17 SonkaD
Ooooh, Ryoga and Hotaru are the sweetest thing! So perfectly matched... Well, except their colours. Purple and yellow are really hard to match!
Shampoo, saving the day with Ranma... Good girl. I hope she gets a good ending.
2/1 c15 SonkaD
Loved Sailor Venus scheming with the monsters! And loved the tiny bits of fluff between Ryouga and Hotaru, even if they lead to yet another misunderstanding. "I bet he doesn't even appreciate how lucky he is"... eheh, so typically oblivious of Ryouga! But there's just one thing that puzzled me, it's when Hotaru says Ryouga's been the only one to make "romantic gestures" so far. But he didn't make any, did he? Or does she call chatting together and making a very important promess to each other a "romantic gesture"?
1/26 c6 SonkaD
Awesome fighting scenes!
1/26 c19 1TheOneButcher
This whole series, I loved it for the deception and lies. I love it, when misunderstandings aren't dumb coincidences that obstruct the plot, but rather deliberate stratagems.

I dislike Luna's mission a little because of that, but I loved that the later misunderstandings were deliberate manipulation by Tanizaki. He came out of left field at first, but then the reveal that he is Death Phantom, a lich cancelled that. Yeah, where WAS Death Phantom in the present, If he is so old and ancient?

And finally: Amy way to transmit information from the distant future is an instant global victory condition. Fuck yeah divination did him in.
1/25 c4 SonkaD
Again, misundertandings piling on top of other misundertandings, all reinforcing the Sailor Senshi's conviction... Brilliantly executed. You're truly a master at this!
1/25 c3 SonkaD
Great chapter, very well thought of. The dialog between Ranma and Akane sounds slightly off at first, but then it fits perfectly with what Luna needs to hear and it all clicks in place. And the dialog between Kasumi and Luna also is a masterpiece. Excellent!
By the way, I remember there's a manga chapter where Kasumi tries to catch a cat in the house without Ranma noticing, so that's perfectly canon!
1/22 c19 10Maximara
Minor thing here. In ALL of continuities (Manga, 1990's anime, Crystal, and Sera Myu) Chibiusa is 900 years old by the calendar.
1/17 c19 4DarkJackel
Nice wrap up of the assorted loose ends. Seeing Ranma get blindsided by the monsters like that was great and Usagi's reaction was perfect. Ranma accepting rule as a challenge and Ryoga using it as a quest for revenge feels good.

While this could be the end I really hope that we get to see the future Chibi-Usa will be heading to. Some how I think she will not be lacking in people her age to talk with. With Usagi not having to rebuild the world she might not even be an only child.
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