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for The Dark Lords Ascendant

10/13 c19 SentimentlDebris
Reread this all over again from the beginning for the last little while and I appreciate how incredible this story remains. Thank you. There is so much to love about the hijinks and heart.
9/19 c19 Guest
The admins of this site have abandoned it, they haven’t touched the site, reaponded to messages, or even posted on ffnet’s twitter account for over a year. Please copy your fanfics to ao3 or spacebattles or you will lose them when the site’s domain expires.
8/24 c19 AmericanSaotome
of course Ranma would make politics sound like a martial arts technique
8/23 c16 AmericanSaotome
even though I've read this before, the final paragraphs still bring tears to my eyes, or at least one eye.
8/20 c19 3zekses
This should have been marked Complete ages ago.
8/18 c19 Asreal Dreemer
Thank you for making this story. And I hope you never forget all the people you’ve impacted with it.

5/3 c19 Morzah
Hi, I just wanted to tell you how very much I love and admire this story and this whole series. A little bit ago, one of my favorite authors deleted everything they’d written and I realized I hadn’t ever left a review saying how much I appreciated their body of work so I wanted to let you know that I think you have done a wonderful job and I’m very grateful you’ve shared it with me. Thank you so much for that, I hope you’re doing well!
3/5 c19 1ErinPtah
The little detour to Sailor Senshi in a whole other part of the universe, fighting their own supervillains and completely unaware of what's been going down on Earth, was a delightful touch. Brings in some of that perspective on how embig/em the Sailor Moon universe is.

Megumi gets a name of her own! Good for her. And good for the Tsukinos, this must be emso weird/em for them.

Melinoe "...exercising restraint" is charming. I like the confirmation that she's using nightmares for a sad-but-important purpose, similar to what Saturn does with destruction.

I don't know if there's supposed to be some intrinsic significance to the Crystal Points, but I'm very into the free-lunch loop of "the Black Moon attacked them because they knew they were going to be important in the future, and the Senshi knew to make them important because the Black Moon attacked them."

The coordinated senshi rescue-and-public-service operations, combined with the fragile-Jenga-tower remains of the Japanese government, really seemed like it was leading up to "and that's how Crystal Tokyo became the new local government." Leaving them to nervously coexist is...interesting. I'm glad Rei's dad wasn't one of the corrupted politicians - he has a lot of faults, but that didn't have to be one of them.

Poor Ranma and Ryouga, now formally wedded to their hastily-improvised Dark Lord roles for the rest of their lives.

(I might have to go back and reread this whole series from the beginning, once it wraps.)

Very excited to see Akane and Shampoo consider a Ranma Has Two Hands situation. For me, the hardest part of writing a polyam situation is getting the characters to consider it as a serious possibility, and giving someone the nerve to bring it up...well, "an army of demons assume you're both concubines, uh, co-empresses? of the same guy" sure works as a way to break the ice.

Rhett Butler got home to his human! The most important detail :D
1/20 c18 TunTun36
Man I've been reading certain scenes from this story again and again this week. Like awesome scenes, wholesome scenes, damn you wrote a very good story. Also, I have a minor question. Can't sailor moon magic away some mental damages Metzger caused to Megumi? Man I feel bad for her.
1/16 c19 TunTun36
Nice story but I hope we can see a little more of megumin(unit zero)'s new life and how she's adapting to it. Also curious about the other clones in the pot
1/2 c19 Geff
If we have a scene where Chibi-Usa returns to the future and we see the lives of our heroes I hope that, if Ryoga and Hotaru got hitched and had a daughter who's part of the new generation of Sailor Scouts, she would have inherited the Hibiki families sense of direction or lack thereof.
10/30/2021 c19 Hirushoten
Got into the mood and decided to re-read this and dang, I'm in tears over this trilogy. It's masterful writing. Looking forward to that final chapter.
9/17/2021 c19 Guest
Wow, it's crazy seeing this end. I started back when Dark Lords of Nerima was still being written and it's been a ride. I've loved this whole saga, and it's great to see it concluded
7/7/2021 c19 guest eft
My kid kept at me to read this, I kept saying, Sailor Moon and Ramna are written so everything looks stupid.

Well, I finally tried your trilogy. It's splendid. Everyone is smart, twists, surprises, real characterization, world building - it's all there. It's the best thing pro, fanfic, or self-pubbed I've read in months.

3/27/2021 c19 Anon
The ending was fantastic! I didn’t expect akane to straight up agree to sharing ranma with shampoo, even after the earlier scenes, but it really shwos how much they’ve grown to care for each other. Also found the politicians freaking out hilarious, and yay! They got the birthday party! The only thing i found lacking in this fic is that akane’s and ukyo’s friendship, such as it is, wasn’t really shown, their relarionship is supposed to be better than her and shampoo, but i can understand the need for increased ‘screentime’ between the latter for that very reason. I was slightly disappointed that jupiter didn’t get a big moment like the other inner senshi, but i can understand why not, the cast was really crowded as it was, and you did do a good job managing it other than such small things. I’m honestly nitpicking though, because i have no complaints about the prose, it had a good balance of easy to follow and descriptive. Thank you for doing something this good for free! Finally, i hope you’ve got ithid and your other stuff saved offline in case fanfiction dot net goes down or something else bad happens, this is a hoary old site after all. Best of luck to your future endeavors!
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