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6/2/2019 c1 SaLiNaSaLA
such a cute story love this x3
1/27/2013 c1 64crystalblue19
That was cute. :3
11/17/2012 c1 11Gearhead Fenton
Awwww akdhskdn sooo cute
9/8/2012 c1 17ILikeShorts
Like you pretty much said yourself, it does fit the mold of the typical Volkner/Jasmine story. The lighthouse, the sea... all the usual stuff is there. But I think that sort of atmosphere is a huge part of why so many people find this pairing so romantic and just generally perfect, so, in a way, it almost makes sense to write it like that.

In short, yes, it's a cliche, but it's a cliche that works, and I don't particularly mind reading more of it. That's my take on it, anyway. And you did a lovely job with the descriptions, so the whole concept comes across quite well here. So, not the most original thing in the world, but enjoyable nonetheless. :)

Also, one little correction that jumped out at me: Sunyshore has one N. (I know, it totally looks like it should have two, doesn't it?)
7/15/2012 c1 1TheLoadingScreen
Meh, it's fine, but Morty was mentioned kinda randomly, and no explanation was given for Volkner being at the lighthouse.
Jasmine was in character, but Volkner was a little OOC, know, I thought he was more energetic than that, but never mind.
Lucky it didn't end with them kissing...THAT would be cliched. But the story ended kind of open...
Okay story. Read a lot of fluff, never actually wrote any though.
7/3/2012 c1 5Pure Gamer
To me, this was pretty good. The description was very deep. It was impressive.

I think you did a good job of connecting them, that's something I have failed to do time and time again.

Although one thing confused me, you called Volkner a Steel Type Leader, and then later Electric Type Leader. I'm assuming that was an error?

Keep writing, this was great.

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