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for Hayley Elizabeth Cullen on hold

2/23/2021 c10 4Writter.02
continue great chapter
2/23/2021 c9 Writter.02
I can't stop laughing on this one
9/17/2015 c9 Guest
Please more og this!
2/16/2013 c9 8JustcallmeRiley
Its not canon
2/13/2013 c8 Ambersunshine
This is a good story I love it. But why haven't you updated in so long. I really want to know what happens next. So plz update soon. I want to see what the other werewolves do when she goes to the campfire.
9/2/2012 c7 2Thalionwen Turwaithiel
hehe, you used my first name as your main characters name XD spelt the same way too :P, so far so good... there are a few spelling mistakes, and the chapters are a little short, but aside from that, its a good fan fiction... keep up the good work :)
8/27/2012 c7 32EleKat
8/27/2012 c7 thunderstruckk
8/17/2012 c5 nobody
good story, but it is a bit confusing to read :( sorry. prehaps if you seperate the dialoge it would make the story more orginazed to continue with. i know it is a pain in the butt to do but... ha ha... you should add he said she said after dialoge. read dragon rider by cornella funke for tips it sure helped me. orginization is really important! keep writing:)
8/16/2012 c5 Arianna 24
OMG please update soon, please! And on the wolf that imprints on Hayley I vote Seth, it would be nice to see Seth happy with someone :)
8/16/2012 c5 8viper marie Cahill
8/16/2012 c5 8JustcallmeRiley
Is this canon except for the fact hayley is there?
8/16/2012 c5 thunderstruckk
Update! Ur awsome!
8/15/2012 c4 thunderstruckk
NICE! My names Hailee...close enough ...
8/15/2012 c4 1musicluver17
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