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for The Forgotten King

1/15/2015 c7 13AuraPen
This was quite the chapter X'D I feel sorry for Lucky's cards, I really hope they were in sleeves. By the way.. Lucky Sick's name changed to Lucky Star. Why is that so?
1/15/2015 c6 AuraPen
WHAT IN THE NAME OF SOUL SAVER DRAGON ALMIGHTY IS LUCKY SICK DOING?! How could he call Blaster Javelin such a name? What's his problem?!
That scene where King Alfred stopped the sword inbetween two fingers was just epic. So beautiful.. aaah..
1/15/2015 c4 AuraPen
Oh my gosh this story is so epic! And I can't believe this, just 2 reviews? THERE SHOULD BE MORE THAN THAT!
Although there are a few minor errors here and there, the storyline flowed smoothly. I enjoyed the chicken moments and how King Alfred keeps questioning his blue hair. And geez Dragonic Overlord that was a terrible way to hit on a lady dragon X'D. Someone give him a love novel for dragons, please!
11/22/2012 c3 7Nightshade1712
I like this story update soon please.
7/17/2012 c1 14Ashley Silver
hmmm. well, it is kinda lacking something. but good effort. :)

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