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18h c19 JasonTC
A LONG TIME, IVE BEEN WAITING 3 YEARS, lol but no your all good I hope you update this story soon
6/26 c8 UnknownReader2001
The Seven Guardians which are basically Generals of the Army of Chaos are treated like fucking servants. I understand if they were under someone like Zeus or anyone on his level but they are Chaos' Generals! This is not realistic, people usually have a healthy amount of fear for someone with higher status than them or to someone with higher authority than them and the same goes for the people that works under that someone albeit with a little less fear but they usually fear them nonetheless, and they treat the Guardians like lowly servants?! They dont even treat their enemies the same way they treat the guardians even if they hate them. What's worse is the guardians just let them and do nothing. The concept is just wrong
6/25 c7 UnknownReader2001
Dont they get at the very least annoyed at the lack of respect from the Olympians? They're technically Generals of an army yet they let the gods disrespect them like that? You know there's a difference between having pride, too much pride, and having no pride at all
6/22 c19 Guest
Please finished the story! I am loving it.
6/19 c19 Guest
Please update. It's been two years. I love this book so much, even though Pertemis is a weird ship. You literally stopped in the most exciting part! I was dying to see if a Pertemis moment is there after that.
6/17 c19 Apollo117mc
Hey man just finished reading you stories here in 2022. I have to say that it has been an extremly good series and l love how the stories progressing! However it saddens me that you have not posted in 4 years... :(( l really hope you pick up this story again!
6/17 c2 Apollo117mc
Every second sentence be like : I blushed
lol by otherwise this is really good!aight ima go back to binge reading this now :))
6/10 c19 Lupin
I understand you I really do. You created this story. You don’t want someone else to continue and finish what you started, I understand you, I really do. But it’s been like what 6 years since since you posted a chapter, and you still get reviews who ask you to update, and you do nothing. I don’t know what’s happening in your life, but if you can’t continue your story than please allow someone else to do it. Cause this story is fucking amazing.
5/20 c19 Blank
Btw it has been another 2 years
5/5 c19 Dezil
Love this story and wish there was more but I will keep checking up on it like I have been and hopefully I'll see an update. Your story is one of favorites
5/5 c1 tobitto
I hope this isn't one of those fics in which MC gets betrayed by everyone just for him to forgive them... there's nothing worse than that.
5/5 c19 Guest
Come on dude. Don’t tease us like this. Don’t make us wait another 2.5 years for the next update. This is a really good story.
4/29 c19 Ella
Please add more. I wanted to see his reveal to the gods. Please assss see finish the story.
4/29 c12 2Demigod24
4/29 c9 Demigod24
I Feel So Bad For Corina! I Just Want To Give Her A Big Hug!
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