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for You Only Live Twice

3/8/2022 c7 Clown Exorcist
Famous last words, whatever happened to you my guy I wish it was good
7/21/2021 c7 callie.dearman
This is a great story! I really enjoyed reading it. Though it has been 'a while' since you updated, I would really enjoy this being worked on again!
6/28/2021 c7 robert krause
for 1 of is if it was me Robert Krause i well made NAURTO into like twight and his be doing magic and spells and his had others stuff like time walker his going back into time be with time lords like DR WHO and his had walking into others reams , like king blue blood and his wives to king SOMBRA and others reams too, even fell out reams both pony kinds too, as for him let get him marring to rainbow dash and FLUTTERSHY and twight and sun set simmer ,
3/25/2021 c7 Sebine
Been a while, Pudge
7/17/2020 c7 Checkmate28
shame you stop writing your really good and this story is great
4/12/2020 c7 Sebine
Odd as it is, I miss this fic, ya barstid
10/26/2019 c7 1Las piedras
Buena historia, lastima que está abandonada.
3/28/2019 c7 4Mendokusai Kitsune
I love this story. I wish it was being continued but life happens I guess.
2/24/2019 c6 4Verdauga
I love it.
2/24/2019 c5 Verdauga
2/24/2019 c2 Verdauga
This is already amazing.
7/6/2018 c7 4Mendokusai Kitsune
Please let this not be the end. This is such a beautiful well rounded story.
2/1/2018 c7 Guest
Please update this story it’s really awesome.
4/30/2017 c7 2shiron222
I don't know if you even read these anymore, since it's been nearly 5 years since any of your stories have been updated. I read some of your other stories a reeeeeally long time ago, probably a bit before you last updated anything.

That said I only recently started enjoying MLP in the past few months, and only today decided to do the unthinkable and look in the fanfiction archive to see what I would find. It's a pity that there're so few good fanfics, and even fewer NarutoxINSERTSERIESHERE xovers.

I'm happy to say I enjoyed your story. Naruto's characterization is spot on, all the characters seem to be well written, and although I have a few gripes - the dragon scene where Fluttershy intervened seemed forced, even if I understand that's how it originally happened in the series - it was one of the few non-shitty fanfics I've read in nearly a decade, and it kept with the original tone of the series, for the most part. Most of the archive I've found are trashy "marem" (is that the word?) fics involving shoe-horned plot devices that either go too much or too little into Naruto's past life.
2/24/2017 c3 Rasengalia
The scene with Tsunade was quite touching. Not going to lie. I reared up a little.
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