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for Wearing your colors

2/16/2013 c1 sanbeegoldiewhitey
I absolutely did not like it.
12/7/2012 c1 7Miss Savvy
That was so funny and cute, (:
8/15/2012 c1 28aliceistiny
I just want to let you know I'm still alive, I'm sorry for not writing back in a long while, and I have a new story up :D
7/7/2012 c1 Aphroditessister
Yeahhh go snakes! I'm in slytherin to! Loved the story! Sooooo glad we won. I'll add you! See ya!
7/5/2012 c1 2DensiShine
Ahahah! I was LMAO the whole time! Super funny, loved it!

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