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2/12/2013 c6 keonquil
I didn't see that one coming.
2/12/2013 c6 Crazy Heart 101
Emmet Lee Jareau-Prentiss ...is what I would name the little boy. Love your story...I'm glad you are back:)
2/12/2013 c6 25Angel Scones
, Ideas for boys names Micheal David (after rossi), Adam James. Aaron logan. Only full names i can think of but theres always Jacob, Mark Josh, Joseph, just a thought.

Anyway great update cant wait for more. Update when you can.

2/12/2013 c6 Kdip02
Spencer James. Say, James is Emily's grandfather, and Spencer, because he's everyone's favorite nerd - second to Emily...and he's like the little brother JJ always wanted!
2/12/2013 c6 Guest
Maybe Joshua Eli. For Jennifer and Emily
2/12/2013 c6 8srhittson
Love the story. please update again soon. Hmm boys names Joshua Micheal. I have no idea how I came up with that so quickly. It takes me forever to come up with names for my own story and then I usually end up asking my friends and choosing my favorite.
11/1/2012 c5 calzonaobessed
Ok this was a short tease. More pleazzzzze;)
10/29/2012 c5 CrimeFan23
Amazing I'm hooked :)
10/29/2012 c5 srhittson
Love the story. Please update soon
10/29/2012 c5 Crazy Heart 101
So glad you finally updated...I can't wait to see how the rest of the team going to react when they find out about AJ.

Update soon!
9/16/2012 c4 3123a456e
Great story so far!
8/28/2012 c4 segir
oh with pen, derrik and spencer no one will even know that anderson "left' let alone died...
8/25/2012 c4 Shay58
Well, color me terrible. I didn't think of rape. Maybe because the calm way JJ mentioned her dating. Great strategy.
8/24/2012 c4 12xxJustKatexx
Excellent story! So great that she has AJ now but sad and horrible what happened to her. Can't believe Anderson. Hope they get rescued soon. Can't wait to see what happens next!
8/22/2012 c4 calzonaobessed
It was great. I should of guess it was Anderson hes kind of freaky
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