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12/29/2012 c6 5TatlTails
Nihice cliffhanger! Pluto sounds very cool at night, and those slides sound awesome. SO HAPPY you updated.
11/23/2012 c1 2Alexia-90-20
10/7/2012 c5 6SilentAltair
Nice work. Good action and good chapter.
10/6/2012 c5 Kaitlyn Thorne
I love how this team is made up of just some regular girls who attend school and stuff. It really adds some creativity to the storyline :)
Anywho, all of the teams are introduced! Yay! Now the intense stuff begins!
As always, if you need anything on KT, PM me!
10/6/2012 c5 5TatlTails
That was awesome. Bangs was definitely in-character. I loved the introduction of the acid paint. That probably would be something Bangs would try and fail at. I liked the teamwork the three girls had, and the idea that they're all sorority sisters. And the end bit was funny. I just liked the whole thing. Thumbs up!
10/6/2012 c5 2Alexia-90-20
Thank YOU! I've been waiting for a update from this story! Not only did you cheer me up, You added Alice! Thxs :3. Awasome chpeey :3.
10/6/2012 c5 5Overkill-0526
Yay all of the teams have been introduced! Now the main story can get underway.

Peace off
9/7/2012 c3 5TatlTails
I'm an idiot.
9/7/2012 c4 TatlTails
Y'now what? I'm sick of searching for this every day. I'm favoriting it so I can keep better track of it. (3
8/20/2012 c4 TatlTails
Yay! An update! Just as good as the rest. But I feel the need to tell you, if you remember Bangs' powers, I was too complicated. She simply has the ability to turn song lyrics into power, and an acid paintbrush. And, of course, the flying. And that's all the info I'm gonna give without you asking. I don't wanna fill the whole review box with info. Again, great chapter.
8/19/2012 c4 Kaitlyn Thorne
Nice idea! I was wondering what kind of adventure the other teams would be aiming for at the beginning, and couldn't think of any ideas myself. But you seem to have this under control ;)
I like how they all have different 'bosses' here, instead of it all being just Eggman or whatever. And I can't wait until they run into each other later on in the story. But we still have one more team to introduce, now, don't we? Wonder who they'll be :)
Until next time!
-Peace and God Bless!
8/19/2012 c4 5Overkill-0526
Glad to see this back in action. We see every team with their own motivations. We have the adventurers looking into a disturbance in the force, wait that's not right o_O. We have the mercenaries who are working under contractual obligations. And we got these treasure hunters who want recognition. But what about the fourth team? What will they be like? I hope you can update this sooner because I must know!

Peace off
7/24/2012 c3 TatlTails
OMG! I thought I had lost this story! Glad I found it again. I'm the one who owns Bangs. I checked your profile, and I hate to say this, but I can't PM you. No account. Maybe you could post any questions on your profile or something, and I could respond when I see them? I'd check constantly. But one thing I can say is her last name is spelled Cahill, not Cuhill. Glad to see this story's still alive.
7/5/2012 c3 Overkill-0526
Yay! Not only was my character in the story but my asumption of the team name was correct as well :)

Man I was worried that this story would be off the site for good but that aside this was a good chapter and I await the other teams appearances.

Peace off
7/5/2012 c3 6SilentAltair
Great chapter, the action was good and the interaction between characters as well. Do you need me to PM you Red Moon's profile again?

Can't wait for more.
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