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8/2/2019 c7 Guest
Blaine, you absolute idiot
6/10/2019 c7 11Gleeful Darren Criss FAn
Awwww. This was sweet. Good job. I love stories told from different povs
1/16/2016 c7 2the-power-of-love
1/16/2016 c7 dapperbowties
Wonderful ending! You did a great job!
1/16/2016 c7 3nomorecandles
Awww sweet ending where it worked out in the end :))
Mara xx
12/6/2015 c5 dapperbowties
Honestly, Kurt is very brave here.
12/6/2015 c6 dapperbowties
This chapter is very sad... poor Kurt.
12/1/2015 c6 mlkalmar
Well this is heartbreaking. Poor Kurt. Blaine, get your head out of your ass.
12/1/2015 c6 2the-power-of-love
Poor Kurt
6/7/2015 c3 Guest
5/21/2014 c4 addyalana
9/28/2013 c4 hugs-and-icecream
This is awesome so far :D
9/1/2013 c4 6SaltyPancake
Omg I loved this plz update soon
8/21/2013 c4 Guest
This is brilliant! Hope to see some Klaine soon!
8/14/2013 c4 18Nightingale63
Love Nick's response - very straightforward, honest, and sweet. Awww these guys are so cute!
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