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7/9/2020 c1 40Marching Madly Onward
I come back to this story every so often, and it's easy to see why. It works on so many levels.

Spinning up the story of another Grail War is already a pretty ambitious undertaking with Shirou's unusual perspective and the many moving parts of so many camps and schemers, but then you layer it on top of the adult Shirou's inevitable journey into EMIYA. Any one of those stories is a great hook, but you manage to juggle both. It's a delicate balancing act, but you never pitch too far in one direction.

I could read reams upon reams of Shirou playing Batman or Shirou falling for Ayako, and you serve up plenty of both.

In fact, the only thing I don't like about this story is that there isn't more of it! I'd love to see you come back to it some time, but even if you don't, it's already a great read. It's two great stories for the price of one.
4/19/2020 c27 Guest
7/24/2016 c31 Neema Amiry
I want more man

i love this fic
7/24/2016 c1 Neema Amiry
3/25/2016 c31 MiniTeddyBear
AMAZING STORY! I really enjoyed it and I look forward to the continuation! Thank you for a good read! You have my follow and fav.
9/13/2015 c31 Zel04
i'm waiting for the reality marble
12/26/2014 c2 Rakaan
Damn. Nice chapter. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sorrow when he smiled in the mirror and thought about the "Red Knight" not realizing that how hard he falls in pursuit of that ideal.
12/25/2014 c31 2NewAgeOfPower
I quite was touched when Luvia declared "You're my hero, so you have to save everyone." but surprised, even shocked he didn't seem to have a reaction to those words.

The end of this story is coming soon, isn't it?
12/25/2014 c31 gast
Monster! You killed lancer! You're not human!
12/24/2014 c31 Ferdiad
Damn son, don't often see authors with the resolve to do that to characters.
10/8/2014 c1 Ferdiad
Rereading this makes me appreciate your work all the more. It's probably my favourite part of the FS/N universe, the downfall of Shirou as a Hero.
10/5/2014 c24 Server lock
Wow Gilgamesh was awesome Shirou was a hero... this chapter was perfect.
8/28/2014 c29 Guest
8/16/2014 c25 Guest
Good chapter. Loved the interactions, you almost make me like Luvia. I can't wait to see where this arc goes.
7/7/2014 c26 TooLateGilgamesh
This chapter was truly amazing. I started to read your fic some days ago, and I wanted to make a long review in the last updated chapter, but this chapter was so amazing that I just wanted to leave a review.
First of all, I liked your Idea to make a "route Emiya", you used even the VN writing style, I just loved this, make me feel reading the VN itself.
At first I was not "attracted" by the Emiya/Archer chapters, I was not used by all the action, at first, to be honest, I expected to gets boring along the chapters, but fortunately, the plot was getting so good that I like them now.
Other thing that cannot go unnoticed is that all of the characters is in character properly, something that is starting to get harder in the world of the fanfics, for this you deserve my praise.
Now with the last chapter: I'm really liking the course of this Grail War, I never expected that Kirei would help Shirou. It seems that future Shirou has some "affection" with Kirei, so that means that Kirei really helped him in the Grail War? For him to even compare himself with Kirei after leaving Ayako, for me it shows that he has some affection for something that the priest made for him in the last Grail War. I really don't know, but either way I'm liking the plot. Also, the scene of the assault of the Matou's manor was disturbing, I like both Kirei and Gil, and I loved how you portrayed both of them in this scene.
(I expect that this review will have a lot of incorrect sentences, I apologize)
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