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7/3 c3 4Leapyearbaby29
Uh, Albus is a Parselmouth?
7/3 c1 Leapyearbaby29
What is the CB universe? And Snape is alive? Nice.
4/13/2021 c13 12Cyan Quartz
What a nice story! I don't understand what the 'CB' AU is, but the premise seems easy enough to understand.
9/30/2018 c12 9Prince Pondincherry
I'm sure it was hard to resist James, but really, agreeing to spy on the Slytherin team for him was probably not the best decision Albus has made.
9/30/2018 c11 Prince Pondincherry
Snape is being surprisingly helpful with how he's explaining everything to them before their detention, even if he is mean about it. He's not just telling them to scrub the cauldrons without using magic-he's explaining why that's important.

Good on Draco for not letting Scorpius get away from punishment by complaining to daddy. Even if he is doing it partly because he thinks Albus is a bad influence on him.
9/29/2018 c9 Prince Pondincherry
At least Flavia and Bryony weren't dishonest about the homework-they basically just bullied the boys into giving legitimate help. They didn't steal the answers outright.

Whoa, Remus Lupin is alive? Okay then. I guess Snape's not the only one. And now they get to have him as DaDA teacher and Head of Gryffindor, which is awesome!

"Werewolf" is a perfect answer to "what magical creature have you met." And at least they got it out in the open quickly.

Rose's comment in the Theory of Magic class was awesome. I love how she said that Ron is also "always saying" that "most wizards can't understand the most basic logic." At least he's grown to admit it.
I also like how you're showing that Muggle subjects like math are sort of taught at Hogwarts. (We already knew about the reading and writing.) This helps explains why the muggleborns aren't completely left behind, and it also explains how magical-borns learn all their most basic subjects.
9/29/2018 c8 Prince Pondincherry
Ooh, changing the color of leaves being easy because it's autumn makes perfect sense for Harry Potter magic! I love it.

Wow, Webb is REALLY annoying, and seems to be a pretty bad teacher. I get where Alan's coming from, and she wouldn't look annoying from his perspective, but geeze. I'm glad Scorpius and Rose are getting a chance to become friends, at least. I was worried Scorpius would be put off by being forced to give up knowledge to Rose, but I think he won't mind because this fits his conception of "allies, not friends."
9/29/2018 c7 Prince Pondincherry
Albus's comments about following recipes were great.
9/29/2018 c6 Prince Pondincherry
Yes! Flubber! I loved that movie! Also, this is a really high-quality anti-pranking product, which also happens to be a prank itself. I'm really impressed by George's ingenuity.

Your take on Snape is interesting. It seems he's mellowed...a little bit. He's still willing to jump on the first sign of wrongdoing by a Potter, but at least he waited for that sign of wrongdoing first. And he actually let Albus get away with it when Scorpius supported him.
9/29/2018 c5 Prince Pondincherry
Albus, to be fair, you didn't eat breakfast with Scorpius. He probably thinks YOU abandoned HIM.
But really, Albus's feelings here are reasonable. He'll get over it. Especially since it turns out he still does have somewhere to go, since Hagrid is here.

Hah, I love the point about Hagrid's naming conventions! It even works the other direction-Fang was harmless!

I like the way the conversation went with Hagrid-he's a good guy who had some understandable reservations about Albus's sorting, but made a point to get over them.

Albus's struggling interactions with his fellow Slytherins is a good example of why so many families end up staying in the same house-a lot of it has to do with how they were raised. Albus was raised by Gryffindors, and it shows-he still plots and plans, as Rose pointed out, but he's also pretty straightforward, and his family hasn't made a point of making sure he knows his history, who other people in the Wizarding World are, and what sources of influence his family has. Properly prepared, a Potter child could do well in Slytherin, but family connections and influence are just not the sort of thing Harry and Ginny care about. Even Albus's insults tend more towards Gryffindor ("lol, your name is silly nowadays") than Slytherin.

I'm glad Albus has his family (most of them) and Hagrid for support, because from the looks of things, he's worse off in Slytherin right now than Scorpius is-but it doesn't seem to be bothering him nearly as much.

Ooh, Scorpius is totally thinking Albus is thinking like a stereotypical Slytherin, with some complicated plot involving befriending him. He doesn't realize that while Albus IS, plotting, befriending Scorpius is the END GOAL, not one of the steps.

I really like how James was there for Albus, despite his continued bungling of the "support your brother's House identity" thing. The first thing I noticed was that he unflinchingly called Scorpius Albus's friend.

I like how Scorpius is making a point of explaining that while Albus befriending Scorpius is "stupid," Scorpius befriending Albus fits in perfectly with Draco's friendship ethos because Scorpius gets a lot from the friendship.

Yay, help from George via Fred! Awesome! This sort of "struggling with reasonable problems but still having backup from the whole family" thing is exactly what I want out of a Next Generation fic.
9/29/2018 c4 Prince Pondincherry
Uh, Albus...do you really think your parents would be okay with not knowing which house you were Sorted into quickly? Of course James told them.

The argument with James felt very authentic. I'm glad Rose was still on Albus's side and Victoire was all-around reasonable about things. And it's also good that you were able to show how Albus could feel stifled by his large family even when they all love each other.

Actually, James sending the letter illustrates Ginny's point perfectly. Albus totally didn't want him to do it, and it was overstepping bounds a little and came from the wrong place (aah, Albus can't be in Slytherin!), but it was probably also really helpful in that Albus now got these supportive letters from his parents. James does mean well. And Ginny and Harry's letters to Albus really were great.

James will get over it eventually. He's still a dumb little kid, really.
9/29/2018 c3 Prince Pondincherry
Albus mimicking Rose to be annoying was great.

It took me out of the story a little when Albus unexpectedly hissed at the snake. It seemed like we were doing this from Albus's perspective, and every time Harry talked to a snake, it just came out as words to the reader, not hissing.
Also, I guess this means Harry kept the Parseltongue as a permanent part of his family line even with the Horcrux gone.
9/29/2018 c2 Prince Pondincherry
Yes! I've always liked the idea of Albus having lots of Gryffindor qualities, and Albus in Cursed Child felt like a Gryffindor to me, but this version of his sorting explains how he could end up in Slytherin. I particularly like how the Hat compared him to Harry in his suitability for Slytherin. I can totally see that.

I'm just hopeful that the close family bonds Albus had in the first chapter don't disappear now like they did in Cursed Child. (I know this was written before that, but I can't help comparing the two.)
9/29/2018 c1 Prince Pondincherry
Poor Scorpius thinks they're making fun of him. Ouch.
3/21/2018 c13 csheila
I loved the kid's characterization in this story. The plots were realistic and interesting.

I hope one day you return to it.

Regardless thanks for sharing.
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