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for Corporate Punishment

9/22/2012 c8 OverByMidnight
YESH, an update! :))))

What are those bastards planning? :(( Leave the not-so-happy-newlyweds alone!
9/18/2012 c8 RisingAngel8
I love it! I thought it was worth the wait! I love your writing style. Great job.
9/18/2012 c8 AngelicWinds
Hmmm.. Who could it be?
9/1/2012 c7 RisingAngel8
LOL! I can't believe you did that! You're an evil genius! XD Oh, I'm 10x as excited for the next chapters! I can't wait! Please update soon. It makes my day every time I see a new chapter is out. Keep up the amazing work!
9/1/2012 c7 19SirenMist
YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I can consider them "officially" unofficially together again :DDDD I really wish I had gotten around to reading this update sooner!

I CANNOT wait for the next update! Must read more 0.0
8/29/2012 c7 OverByMidnight
So... very... unexpected. :D But not bad at all :D Can't wait for the update, I've got no idea what's gonna happen in this one :))
8/27/2012 c7 5Jillian Bowes
WHOA. This is not at all where I thought this story would go! Wow. I'm so happy. Hahaha please update soon!
-Jillian (formerly known as BluBearry)
8/23/2012 c1 RisingAngel8
I love this story! When I first read the first one, I never expected you to come back, and write a sequel! It's amazing. I love how it's not too far fetched, and that their situations are relatable to people. Your Larxel stories are fantastic. I can't wait for more! Keep up the great work!
8/18/2012 c6 Jillian Bowes
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I can NOT WAIT until the next update! I saw this one in my email and I nearly jumped for joy.
8/18/2012 c6 19SirenMist
I enjoyed it! - This story is so funny!

Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/5/2012 c5 OverByMidnight
Aaaaahhh, just admit that you miss each other, dammit! ... Or not just yet, we need more drama and cute denial moments before that xD

Ending was so cute... :3 Wants mooaar, can't wait! :))
8/4/2012 c5 SirenMist
Hehehe! Larxy can't deny that she wants to be with Axel! -

Loved the chapter, and so cannot wait for the next update!
8/3/2012 c5 5Jillian Bowes
Yay! Drama! I love it. Haha I am so excited for the next chapter!
7/29/2012 c4 19SirenMist
I loved this chapter! - Had me in hysterics the whole way through XD

When Axel called Roxas 'Roxanne', I couldn't help but sing the song by Sting and the Police. If you've never heard it, listen to it and then reread this chapter, it's hilarious! There's a line in Roxanne that goes, "I know my mind is made up- So put away your makeup," and another that's like, "Roxanne, you don't have to wear that dress tonight." XD

Can't wait for the next update!
7/26/2012 c4 5Jillian Bowes
This chapter... Oh God I'm dying... Lolol
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