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for It's a bird, No, It's a plane, No, It's aGhost?

4/24/2017 c11 21IceDragonGirl36
Please update
8/9/2015 c11 1Shelby-The-Red-Mew
Heeeeeeelloooooooooooo *starts poking you* pokey poooooooookey POKEYYYYY pokeypokey pokeeeeeeeeey
Hope that cheers you up don't be sad no more
sad-y u*pokes you once more for good measure* POKEY!
11/7/2013 c7 6Gigabyte2598
Name: Elaria Jacobs
Ghost Name: Thantos
Looks: Long Dark Brown Hair, Blue eyes with gold in the centre, tall but not too tall, 15 years old. Wears cargo pants in a light blue colour, and a black singlet with a white jacket. Combat boots
Ghost Look: Red eyes, White with purple streaks for hair, you choose the clothes.
Special Power: Can manipulate water and thus plants as they contain water,(duh)
Allies: You choose
Siblings: you choose
Good definitely good
Thanks i thought I would do this for fun
10/12/2013 c11 20TeslaWisteria
That was a great chapter! Please update!
10/10/2013 c11 8Noxlupis Lamiamedicus
YAY! You got a chapter up :D It was amazing!
10/10/2013 c11 7Nightshade1712
Great chapter, any way what Promise, and don't feel bad about not updating, sometimes things out of your control keep you away from updating, trust me I know, I don't have internet at the moment, I am using the internet at McDonalds.
10/10/2013 c11 Aevus
Action it's okay. I really don't care how long it takes as long as it gets uploaded or you notify us it discontinued, after I barely ever update either.
10/9/2013 c11 4biolaj1998
so my OC will come in the next chapter... AWESOME
10/2/2013 c10 Aevus

Monsuno or Ghost Name:
Long black hair that is tipped in gold, stunning gold eyes, usually wears black pants a purple shirt, and a purple and black hoodie, she wears a rose pendant and a gold amulet that her mom had given her.
Monsuno or Ghost looks:
A dragon like creature with bird like wings and is blue, gold, and white. Its tail come to an extremely sharp point.
Any special power:
Her monsuno's special power is haven's fury wher a shock wave of pure light is emitted from its body.
None yet
Siblings and their monsuno/power:
Virizia/see below
Good or evil:
Virizia's twin

Monsuno or Ghost Name:
Long purple hair, usually wears all black
Monsuno or Ghost looks:
Black red and purple serpent/lion/hawk hybrid
Any special power:
Her monsuno's main move is hades wrath were it shoot a black tide of fire out of its wings
Eklipse or Vlad...
Siblings and their monsuno/power:
Kitty/ see above
Good or evil:
Kitty 's twin
6/6/2013 c10 10Karyn Phantom
Hi I look forward to the next chapter. Also a unicorn pegasus is called an Alicorn. thought you'd like to know. :)
5/6/2013 c6 4biolaj1998
*is laughing my butt of because of the funny author note*
5/5/2013 c1 biolaj1998
where did danny neet alex
3/23/2013 c10 8Noxlupis Lamiamedicus
NO CLIFFIES xD Great chapter! I can't wait for more lol
3/22/2013 c10 7Nightshade1712
hey your finally updating again yes, uh hey where is my OC, I was really looking forward to seeing him, oh well, hope you update more soon, I will be waiting for you to update, please update soon.
3/22/2013 c10 Cheetha Suno
Me: Nice!
Dax: Tell her!
Me: Alright then. Well Season 2 of monsuno premerires April 21st this year in ILL.
Dax: Thank you.
Danny: Nice of you to be continuing your series I've seen every episode Thanks to Cheetha Suno And I wanted to see more.
Dax: Thank you!
All three: Finish writing the story and share this message!
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