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1/11/2022 c2 5Lunaris Viola
I found this story over half a year ago and fell in love with it, but I never got the chance to truly praise it for what it is. There are just not enough 'Ciel and Sebastian meet the Golden Trio' fanfics on this site, AO3, or just anywhere in general. I really wish you would continue this, but what is already down is amazing! :)

I also came back to Black Butler after months of mooning over Demon Slayer, so it took a little while to get back into the Black Butler demon mentality lol. (I'm too obsessed with KnY)
9/24/2021 c16 Lucille
Salut ! J’ai bien conscience que j’arrive bien après que tu es arrêté de poster cette histoire mais sache que j’ai beaucoup apprécié la lire et que je la continuerai si tu décides à re-poster. Au revoir !
10/27/2020 c16 Guest
Please update
4/25/2020 c12 Guest
Hahah very funny. plez do more
10/31/2019 c15 12AlchemyWriter
Have you ever read the Cirque du Freak books? They're another vampire series that are very good. Or Hellsing, that's a very good vampire manga/anime.
2/23/2019 c12 jenlin03
Best Omake Ever!
1/19/2019 c16 6Rika100
I know its has been a long time since you have updated this story, but I hope that you will do so in the near future. :) :) :)
9/21/2017 c16 2FoxPupil
Dear Paxloria!

First of all must say that I took quite a liking of your story. I like both your writing style and that you commited very few spelling errors. For exaple, you mixed then and than up only once (in14th or 15th chapter, I think); I've found lot of fanfics were this kind of error is far too frequent to my liking. Of course it's only aminor problem, but a bunch of minor problems are capable to become quite annoying and make reading unenjoyable.
I'm also very pleased that used synonyms thus you were able to connect the dialogues rather nicely. It's apparent that you certainly put effort into writing your fic and I can honestly declare that I'll keep my open for the continuation.

After the positive aspects, I have to mention the negative one(s) too. As I stated above, grammar or misspelling mistaek were rare and perhaps what I consider a mistike woudn't be regarded as such by most. So, in my opinion, those repetitive garlands of different gylphs and the dots betwwen dialougue lines are more irritating than decorative.
I apologize if I offend you, but when I read a fanfiction -or anything for that matter- I highly dislike to see anomalities within the text as I don't find them to be a pleasing sight. It's disruting when you read, when you are in a certain mood (thanks to the good narrative) and you saw a bunch of gylphs arranged into aline and you find yourself confused by it and your mood is ruined, not mentioning the punch line at the end of the chapter. This happened to me at the end of the 11th chapter and I was like 'WTF?!'.

Okay, with this I finished rambling, and once again I'm sorry if you feel I insulted you and I realize that my last comment may be a bit overboard, but I found no other words to convey how I felt. On the other hand, I think this is a good story and I hope that you will find it within yourself to continue this fic. I understand that there are times when one just doesn't have inspiration though detailed critiques are might bring it to one, so I hope that I somewhat managed to inspire, even if to a teeny tiny extent.

Best wishes,
7/8/2017 c16 Guest
Aww this haven't been updated for years but I just wanted to say that i really enjoyed this story especially when Ciel and Sebastian has the upper hand
6/16/2017 c16 icefrances61
An update will be great :)
6/15/2017 c16 Yusukitty
This is such an amazing fic~ Are you planning on continuing it?
2/21/2017 c16 3Bananarock509
I wish you would update, this is so well written and interesting. I keep imagining what would happen when they finally confront Voldemort and it is always exciting!
9/27/2016 c12 SomeBlah
Omg, I was literally laughing, coughing, choking AND crying while reading this! X'D (I'm sick. : Thats why coughing. :p) I just freaking can't stand how funny this thing is! x'D
7/22/2016 c1 2Snake-faced
This is sooo good! Thank you thank you thank you soooo much! I just love Harry Potter and Kuroshitiju (did I spell that right?) and this is so good so far! My God... I'm acting like Lizzy and Colin's love child... This is bad...
7/18/2016 c16 When It All Falls Down
This is the best black butler/harry potter crossover that I have read, you are truly a wonderful author. While I understand the difficulty of getting over a writers block, I do wish you continue this marvelleous story because it is a masterpiece, please update when possible
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