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8/15/2019 c3 Guest
I was exited at first. Then chief gets kidnapped, and fails to break himself out due to pacifist team mates... I'm out.
10/20/2016 c1 Guest
You idiot to be able to find Master Chief in the pod should have been voyager's job not for Master Chief the pop up and say hello that's just ruin the whole story for me I won't be able to go to chapter 2 when were interesting and it is not lost because of that stupid mistake
1/9/2014 c19 8Chooky Chook
9/2/2013 c1 AK2000
Sounds great so far! Good Work! :)
3/16/2013 c19 3Sajuuk
hello lol
good story so far
please let cortana go back with some new tech and new equipment for master chief
have you play halo 4 and see halo spartan ops film
go you can have lot of new idea with that
and please make the chief the master of this dreadnought
2/6/2013 c19 10Just a Crazy-Man
Epic read!
2/6/2013 c19 21edboy4926
Good chapter.
1/28/2013 c18 edboy4926
Good chapter
1/7/2013 c8 BlazeStryker
If the portal doors (as seen in Combat Evolved multiplayer) work on transporter principles and stay powered up all the time, the interference may be causing a lack of lock, shields aside..
12/30/2012 c17 10Just a Crazy-Man
Epic read!
11/20/2012 c1 MihoshiK
Okay, you killed this for me with "But you may call me John". It displays such a MASSIVE lack of understanding about the Chief and his character that the rest of the story simply cannot be good.
11/14/2012 c17 21edboy4926
Good chapter
Nice in adding the Spartan Ops.
11/8/2012 c16 10Just a Crazy-Man
11/8/2012 c16 21edboy4926
Good chapter
What is Species 8472?
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