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4/21/2013 c3 Guest
Still realy good, your a talented wrighter!
4/21/2013 c1 Guest
I REALY liked it .
2/20/2013 c3 Guest
Keep going I love these two!
12/15/2012 c3 KarinBlaze
Cool chapters, I hope that you continue this story. Please! Don't live me hanging D:
11/5/2012 c3 blop
Please continue this its so good e.e cause its marceline and mother freaking bubblegum.
11/4/2012 c3 that kid you kno
10/29/2012 c3 Guest
8/23/2012 c3 2FallenFangirl
YOU! I WANNA TAKE YOU TO A GAY BAR! I WANNA TAKE YOU TO A GAY BAR! GAY BAR! XD loved it i want more so plox update i'll glare at the creepy smiley man! XD movie reference! i comand you for more!
8/12/2012 c3 2Fireflower1315
Please continue! Gah I can't wait!
8/8/2012 c3 30Go Away Haley
8/3/2012 c2 Go Away Haley
7/29/2012 c2 Anon
Yeah, you can totally tell that it's rushed but it's a cool story. It's just a couple of spelling errors and the like that need sorting out.
In regards to whether you plan on continuing with this story, it works either way. More story is always a plus but it works as a two-shot and ends nicely here. I quite like that we never know exactly what's in the letters.
Anyway, good story (depressing view of homophobic Ooo). Thanks.
7/26/2012 c2 sylvrewolfe
I am intrigued, and curious to see what Bubblegum's letter entails. Very well written thus far. I hopefully, and patiently await whatever comes of this!
7/25/2012 c2 Keisutra
great story! i'll b waiting for the next chapter :D
7/25/2012 c1 Guest
Dude! i love this ...you sould write more, oh! make a story that finn just walk in on macy kissing bubbblegum...now that will be a story! And i'm just a 12 year old girl!
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