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for My Onii-chan Is the Best!

1/5/2016 c2 Flora
Great story. You should finish it.
12/29/2014 c2 4Tweets N Sweets
Please continue! And maybe write one for the Go characters too? I know you haven't update for a long time... BUT THE SUSPICION IS KILLING ME! Haven't you ever heard the saying 'curiosity kills a cat'?! Please! Pinky-promise?
8/12/2014 c2 Guest
8/8/2013 c2 17Children of Light
Oh my gosh this is hilarious! I think you should use drama style narration as I will be easier to read. And ... I LOVE THE FUBUKI TWINS!
4/11/2013 c2 teo-sama
ajajajajajajajajajaj continues making history this beautiful please continue this to die of laughter
2/5/2013 c1 1DKTJ
I'll be waiting for your update! KEEP IT UP!
11/10/2012 c2 3SoranoUmiko-sann
ooooooooo dis gonna beh gud awsome storehh! hope your update your next chap!
8/4/2012 c2 5Shiyumi-Neruka
Please continue to update this! I would love to see the rest!
7/14/2012 c2 5KuroKage16
haha I want to know what punishment that Kidou give to Fudou and Jirou in the next chapter

Because this story genre is Humor/Parody please put more humor in this story

Update please
Marcel Vinder
7/14/2012 c2 captintsubasa
Great _
Ps just do it in study hall
7/13/2012 c2 HIATUS-ING
Nice chap! Gluck on school too update whenever you can
7/12/2012 c2 IchiBerryz
Adsdasfasdas it was awesome!. I fell of the chair literally when fudou and sakuma were fighting over haruna, and after that kidou threaten both to death xD!... I also laugh when kazemaru-kun and Mido-kun were fighting on stage and all were like wth? are wrong with them... and fudou shouted at them... I can imagine how that might felt specially because the microphone was on and loud!. Kya! I was the fan #141341 and I was there too but my shirt had written "I love fubuki, kidou, and goenji to death"... But I also love a kazemaru, hiroto, fidio and terumi!... LOLZ okay you got the idea already. Anyways I had a good laugh x3... I'm waiting already for the next chapter! ;3
7/12/2012 c2 6Katsura-Tenshi
LOL hilarious chap! XD For some reason I laughed when Hijikata ran to the stage xDDD OMG the fangirls are hilarious! Especially when a fangirl yelled to Yuuka: "I'd like to be her sister-in-law!" And Gouenji's reaction was just PRICELESS! xDDD
Oh, and what do you mean by drama-like narratives? But anyways, don't pressure yourself about updating!
Thumbs up! :DD
7/12/2012 c2 25SHSL Kariya Masaki
HAHAHA AWESOME! ! ! And Shuu Shuu, Shirou-kun and Ki-chan, don't worry...EVERYONE HAS FANGIRLS! ! ! MWAHAHA! ! ! And I'm one too! XDDD

Yosh, great chapter! Really loved it...and...HAHAHA SO MANY FANGIRLS! ! ! WE SHALL ADD MORE AND MORE AND MOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAR! ! ! ! ! !

LOL, joke...update soon! :DDD
7/10/2012 c1 5KuroKage16
Wow this fic will gonna fun
Update please
Marcel Vinder
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