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for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

7/9/2012 c1 Barefoot-in-221B
This says complete... WHY DOES IT SAY COMPLETE? It needs another chapter! And they can't 'just be friends' it that cool and calculated way you're giving them! XoX Give us UsUk fangirls SOMETHING to work with! All I'm saying is, this BETTER not be over!

Trolololol America XD 'boring old Shakespeare' fufufu it sounds like something he would say..

1887? Were America and England (the countries) already getting along by then? Um... *thinks about it* haha... I'm actually not sure... *just spent all day at a national historical site in America and still can't remember this stuff* (I do believe that I have just failed. Epically.)

ANYWAYS. A follow up? Please?

Peace, love, and liquorice Maple-chann ;D

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