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for A Promise through the Bars

5/4 c31 Ethereal girl
loved this chapter, would be interesting to know what the others think about them. the feelings and interactions between snow and eric are very sweet, I am also happy eric made it in one piece, looking forward to the next installment of this great story
2/7 c24 Guest
I had really hoped that they would reach the town in this chapter, and I just hope they will in the next. Just a question – wasnt the town down in the valley? I thought she could see it – back when the way was blocked in an earlier chapter? Please dont kill him and Please do not give up on this story!
Anyway – I hope you are ok. It has been a while. The world is crazy, pandemic and all, - so I hope you are ok where ever you are out there. Best of luck.
12/26/2020 c24 Osterild
I really hope they will make it! I might have misread, but I thought the town was in the bottom of the valley?
Anyway - I hope that you are not stuck on how to save them both. I said it before - you better not kill him! :)
Best of luck with the writing.
10/28/2020 c23 Osterild
I really like what you have done rewriting chapter 22. What you have added. I really enjoy getting to hear more about him. We already know so much about her, he is still a mystery. I liked how they talked about the scars, even if I wonder why he didnt see the burn on her arm. The fact that there is no sex involved gives it all more gravity. Quite the cliffhanger you left us with at the end of chapter 23! And just a request - please dont kill him off! Please!
10/24/2020 c23 Littlered951
Dang I hope he learns her true name soon! I can’t wait!
10/18/2020 c21 Osterild
I am glad that you have re- written the whole ”whores before and after Sara thinking/realizing/blaming/anger part”, and now not judging him, but understanding him, into a much shorter part – she gave up herself, she of all people should understand. So – Glad she did – it seems quite a bit more mature :) Also that she is respecting his wishes, of doing right by her. More maturity and responsible! :)
I am glad that she is still able to setting her mind towards doing something, that she is not as overwhelmed by tears, even if I do understand why she is crying as much as she is. She is suffering from PSTD, right? I mean how can she not? So naturally there will be some reactions as a result, - like crying more easily when the right buttons are pushed.
I am looking farward to see where the changes takes them. She somehow seem more capable at the end of this chapter, than she did in any of the deleted chapters. Which I guess is one of the points, as to why you are changing the story. :)

By the way – considering the revelations of the deleted chapters, if you are still keeping it - So basically – Eric was poisoned with the same stuff Ravenna put in the apple in the movie? Snow just got a massive dose, and it worked insantly. Dont respond to this – if it is a spoiler!
10/9/2020 c22 Osterild
I am glad that we got to know more about Eric – but you better let him survive! Looking farward to see how you do it! :) It is good that they finally got to be together, even if, she was so much in her head the first time, that I am a bit surprised that she got any satisfaction from it – but good that she did. And I hope she will not cry the next time. I am a bit sad, that she is not hearing what he is saying to her, but end up getting so jealoux that she go to sleep angry. Somehow I bet you are going, to make her regret it … ? Well – I am looking farward to see what happens! Happy writing!
9/30/2020 c22 Denie1943
Thanks for sharing! Stay well...
9/29/2020 c6 Denie1943
I really don't know how you could imagine much less write such a painful life for Snow.
9/11/2020 c20 Osterild
Loved the chapter. - again – I just love how you take your time and let things develope. And that we got to hear more from Erics past. - and how he feels about it and himself. It got a bit juicy at some point – I am looking farward to see if anything will happen when they get to the inn, or if they are interrupted, and it is postponed, and if it not what the consequences will be for them both and their relationship :) And when Snow finally comes clean with some of what she has been through, and he finally gets a glimpse of it, I liked that. I hope he will eventually get to know it all, finally understand, and I hope he can accept it. Loved how he wanted to do right by her, instead of just having her right there.

Her worries about her scars and wounds. - I can unfortuneately relate, I have had 2 kidney transplants and I have plenty of scars and stretch marks, so I know what it is like. Catching people staring if I wear shorts or a skirt, that does not go all way down. Not fun.

I am really looking farward to how you will deal with Ravenna and all the evil that is in their world. I guess you have a plan :)

About the length of the chapters, remember that this is your story, if you feel like the chapter has to be long to make the story flow, then the chapter has to be long. :) So dont worry about the length!
8/29/2020 c19 Osterild
I am so glad that you have continued writing :D I simply love this chapter. Their interaction, the their joy - I found myself smiling a lot while reading. I really love how you take your time with it, I mean good long conversations and the situations themselves - both the questioning, the banter and the flirting. Very well done! It is just so sad that she is so focused on not hurting him, that she end up doing just that. And how she is not giving him the choice either. I am looking farward to when she has to reveal who she is, but even more to all that will happen before that :) Like I said before, I really really like your take on the story, how things are different from the original story. And I am looking farward to hear more about it all. Keep up the good work – I hope you can find time and inspiration. :) Thanks.
7/29/2020 c18 Elodielodie
Thanks for this new chapter. I like how you built the relation between Eric and Snow White. And Since I saw the serie Viking, Eric is one of us in my mind too. I’m sure you searched about the mythology, and thanks for sharing it in this chapter. Keep going, your FanFiction is great ! PSI’m French so sorry for the mistakes
7/25/2020 c18 Osterild
First - thank you for writing this story.
I really like how different it is. The unexpected turn in the last chaper - well - I love it. I really hope you can find a way to finish writing the story. It has been pushing some heavy buttons within me, and made me cry along the way. So I hope to get to see what happens to them both. If they can heal eachother if possible. Even if I doubt that she will ever be able to come back from what she has been through, and how it has shaped her way of viewing herself, others and the world.
To put it short - I am totally exited and I think you have done seriously well by writing it, I hope - really hope that you will be able to finish it. Thanks. :)
7/7/2020 c15 12Dimples-3
Omg this was precious your whole story is precious I love it sooo much! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
5/6/2020 c15 Mermaising
So dark and so good. If you wanted to keep updating I would be ok with that.
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