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for Jumanji

1/11/2018 c1 yaoilovernejiuke
I was in my room thinking about this and i found this also yesterday went and saw the movie and this makes me so happy so please update .
11/2/2015 c1 1HunterSkywalker
Oh shit. Hey, will you keep going? This looks very promising...
9/19/2012 c1 Guest
Lucky I found this, really just a random search as due to Jumanji been a favorite film even now, hope for more chapters soon.
8/14/2012 c1 5pjoperson
what happens? UPDATE!

I always knew board games were evil...
7/28/2012 c1 4RandomFandom5
Oh cool! I love Jumanji!
7/11/2012 c1 24sangkar
This is... interesting. An interesting concept. It's well written, and it ends on the perfect note. There were just one or two typos I spotted, but none of them are major.

WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE SIRIUS? D": He's so awesome! He might die or something! xD That's the biggest bit of criticism I have for this, actually. All in all, you've done a great job with it. Write on!

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