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3/22/2020 c1 34The DarkCat
I freaking loved this! It's amazing how this adds, exlains and shifts Seishins suicide. I loved how you portrayed Toshio's and Seushin's feelings and doubts after the... Event... Anyway this was a really enjoyable fanfic!
12/22/2012 c2 19eidolon-azii
YAY! Thanks for the update. It was everything I expected. I particularly liked how you correlated Seishin's first suicide attempt and his trip to Kanemasa, and yes, I agree with you whole-heartedly - it was totally Toshio's fault. Bless him, really. He just keeps screwing it up, doesn't he?

Anyway, happy holidays. And thanks again for the early Christmas treat.
9/4/2012 c1 2AskaaPhantom
this is so awesome i would love to see you write another story for this pair
nice job ))))
7/14/2012 c1 19eidolon-azii
hi, it's me. i finally got around to reading this, and i'm glad that i did so. i really like your gift for writing tiny details that signify larger points of character. for example, the part where seishin throws his trash towards the garbage can and misses is especially poignant. i smiled sadly at my screen when i read that. poor guy. he does always come up a bit short, doesn't he?

i have a challenge of sorts for you. this story seems to be written for smut (and man do i love smut), but it's got the potential to go beyond that. the details that i love so much hint towards a larger plot. i'd be curious to see you develop that - to talk about seishin and toshio as adolescents, to articulate the reasons why they become who they've become in the anime. i think you've got some solid ideas; you should totally run with them! but don't mind me, and don't feel compelled to humor me either. i just love these two and would like to see more fanfic authors write about the pair. toshio X tatsumi doesn't hold a candle to toshio X seishin!

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