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7/21 c5 Wakaflakawalker
Oh. My. Word. Besides The Movement of the Earth on AO3, /this/ is going to be one of my favorites. The intensity of Jacob in this is so original and WELL WRITTEN. I’m so excited for the rest of this.
6/2 c6 Guest
Finally an interaction with the cullens
6/2 c3 Guest
This is so tense, I love alpha jacob, and I love paul's attitude lol. I hope they fight the and kill the cullens
1/24 c23 Guest
Love it! Thanks for writing sharing and finishing it. Another great story
12/31/2023 c12 3GarrusCullen-CarlisleVakarian
This has got to be one of my favourite fanfics.
Everything about this is amazing, and the stakes feel so much higher than they do in the original works.

Loving this story, was too busy devouring these chapters to leave a review earlier.
11/19/2023 c23 Guest
I've read this story so many times its ridiculous. Hands down one of the best Jacob..Bella fics in existence. Wonder job...fantastic read
9/19/2023 c8 2Scarlette Winter
9/3/2023 c19 Megsbacon
Amazing. I cried.
6/6/2023 c21 2Takerslady
No dum dum you can’t stop at home to change clothes in the middle of a life or death plan, GEEZUZ Bella have some sense. And don’t run into James’ plan like an idiot.
4/29/2023 c5 1Totalstann
This is . there are no words.
1/16/2023 c7 eliz.senaca.999
I am loovving this book! It’s so good!
10/21/2022 c23 2Hollowellow
Such a gorgeous story, your words are so visceral, which is perfect for the theme of the entire story!
I've reread this story so many times since I bookmarked it back in 2013, would you ever consider moving your works to Archive of Our Own? I'd love to see them safe there, as I always worry that will fall and I'll never get to read this story again :(
Best wishes, and thank you for sharing!
9/24/2022 c23 anytito
Me gustó mucho tú historia y que llegarán juntos hasta estar viejitos, me hubiera gustado leer como se llamaban sus hijos.
8/4/2022 c14 2BeautifulKatastrophe
I’m obsessed. I love this story you have written so well.
6/30/2022 c23 TritonGreen
OMG, thanks so much for this! It was so different from what I had read before, refreshingly so. And beautifully written!
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