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10/30/2019 c6 1MysticRising
Oh damn it all! This is so funny! Hmm, 6 guardians, so Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and we need 2 more. Hmm, that will be hard to deal with.
I really really hope tsuna is the princess and not haru. It would be too damn funny if he is a princess.
9/8/2017 c4 team1225
Hi, I'm here and writing this review because I'm honestly surprised

I thought you would have dropped this story years ago like many others, as you had started this story in 2012.

I'm not really in this fandom anymore but I've come back to check up on all my alerts and I was Extremly surprised to see you right update.

Even though I can't fully appreciate your hard work and effort (no longer obsessed with KHR). I salute you and I just want to say that what you did was really awe inspiring.

I know it might sound stupid but it's dedicated people like you who always make me feel inspired. I just think it's really amazing that after all these years your still writing and sticking to it even though you may not know if people even care anymore. I could never do something like that so

I really look up to you.

I'm sorry I cantully appreciate your story nor give any helpful input regarding it, but I just really wanted to get this off my chest.

You go, you amazing person you
11/8/2016 c3 1pikaree1
D'awww. Tsuna's cross-dressing! ...Shut up, this isn't a camera in holding. *discreetly snaps photo with phone while everyone's distracted by the alleged not-camera*
I can't wait until he finds out that he's the moon princess. ... I wonder who the poor shmuck reincarnated from Prince Endymion is. XD Hmm, actually, Tsuna's the one I should be calling a poor shmuck right now. Meh, whatever.
And the chapter is so short Q-Q
10/11/2016 c2 pikaree1
*smiles the deranged, maniacal oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy!-Tsuna's-going-to-wear-a-skirt-isn't-he!-Christmas-came-early! smile* Muahahahaha... I can't wait to see the continuation! XD Reborn as a cat, huh? And you already introduced some of the characters! I can't wait to see if that idiot Mochida actually has a large-ish part in the story... And of course the other sailors. :D I'm holding out on Ryohei being Sailor V and Colonello being Artemis, but... Well, hopes and dreams and the like.
10/9/2016 c2 37sailorlyoko4life
OMG reborn being luna is fantastic! Great chapter! Is reborn going to continue to talk to everyone or just nana? And who was playing darians character? Well i guess ill find out at the next update!
10/5/2016 c1 Suzululu4moe

Hmm I wonder who would be Artemis and Minako... I'm guessing gokudera due to him being tsuna's right hand. Artemis being played by either bianchi or Shamal.

Though given that Dino had been trained by reborn ... He is cat trained so reborn can be both Artemis n Luna
8/1/2016 c1 sailorlyoko4life
OMG that was a great start! Can't wait for more! And what character castings are you talking about? You never put an authurs note or anything mentioning it at the top so i dont think anyone knows what you are talking about. Are they for ocs or are they going to be main characters?

Anyways keep going! :)
7/10/2015 c1 xxnatsumi28xx
Please continue this... :(
11/18/2013 c1 1Firesword6
it shows potential.
1/11/2013 c1 Clearliquid
Update soon
7/17/2012 c1 1113animenurd13
lol is Reborn the cat? O,O

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