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for As Long As You Love Me

4/2/2013 c19 TheGrandeLove
I love it I think you should do bade story 3
2/9/2013 c19 Elavanforever
Heeeey! Awesome story :) can you please give a preview in my first chaper in my first story? "this story does not need a title" funny title ahahha
12/12/2012 c19 XLarryXZiamXNiallX1D
I love this story!:)
12/12/2012 c19 Badelicious
Aww this story was so adorable
12/12/2012 c19 2Jeremy Shane
Good Story
12/10/2012 c18 13Nico Di Angelo101
dont make it anymore drama. if you do you make to much drama which makes the story start to be predictable and boring. just have avan not be mad and liz and avan have a honeymoon in hawaii. end with like, "i love you" "i love you more". Then the end.
12/4/2012 c18 2Jeremy Shane
Legendary Chapter & More Please
12/3/2012 c18 Badelicious
Noooooo why is there always something that ruins a wedding
12/3/2012 c18 cuteasme
that was so good but why is avan mad?
12/3/2012 c17 4makeitinamerica
I love this! Please update soon 3
12/2/2012 c17 Emily
Great job! More please!
12/2/2012 c17 Lauryn
12/2/2012 c17 yanine
please update soon i loved it
12/2/2012 c17 cuteasme
that was so cute make more
12/2/2012 c17 5XXXArianaArmyXXX
Awesome so far! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
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