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1/26 c3 Guest
dude, i know its been around 8 years since this was updated but you gotta do more
8/20/2018 c1 Guest
Kirei is the ultimate troll.

...Amd now it just strikes me how Kirei could have lived in normal society, amd still found pleasure in life.

So, I doubt I have to tell you this, but Kirei can only gain happiness via the suffering of others, i.e., schaudenfreude. He usually does this by trolling the people around him, shattering dreams, etcetera.

But what would happen if someone were to introduce him to the internet?
He could go on forums and messageboards, baiting, trolling, and flaming others to his hearts content, and no one around him would be affected.
5/5/2018 c1 12Esmereilda
poor shirou
4/22/2018 c3 Ranmaleopard
This is just really awesome and interesting and I can't wait to see what happens next. I eagerly await your next enjoyable chapter. Please continue
7/30/2017 c3 lucifer79
the story read all 3 chaps. Hopefully there will be update
12/1/2016 c3 Neema Amiry
4/13/2016 c1 44Tenshi-Oujosama
Are you going to update?
5/14/2015 c3 22Arithra
I hope you continue this one day. The relationship between gil and shirou is great and really interesting.
4/18/2014 c3 Darksire64
Ah awesome :)
12/24/2013 c1 5The Wayland Smith
The underlying description and ideas seem solid and good, but the dialogue and thoughts do occasionally seem somewhat contrived and video-game like. I can't properly comment since I'm not aquainted with the original, but it seems like a good piece of writing.
11/8/2013 c3 Oh I am Slain
Cool premise, excellent execution. Wish there were more to read. Cheers!
11/5/2013 c3 1Dragonjek
This is incredible. I'd love to see more.

Tohsaka is a bit crueler than I expected without the Holy Grail War and the risk of Sakura murdering everybody. Although that could be blamed on them immediately identifying each other as competition for Shirou...
Hopefully the lack of murdershadows and all the evils of the world would make their close moment near the end of Heaven's Feel come sooner.

Shirou is carrying the guilt for copying the gem for the rest of his life, but being guilty doesn't mean anything if one doesn't act on it. What will he do to try to repay her for what she doesn't know he did?

Seeing what Gilgamesh would do once he returns from being Gil would be interesting... although it would make me worry for Shirou's health. But for finding something imperfect in the Gate of Babylon... Giglamesh has the originals upon which every legendary item is based, but over his life couldn't some other myths have been made similar to the older ones? That's thing I could think of to find something imperfect amongst Gilgamesh's treasures, if each original is inherently perfect. Or maybe improving something that was damaged?
10/5/2013 c3 Straider
This is a fine fanfic. I hope it will be updated.
8/18/2013 c3 Hi me a reader
Why you no update?
Such a good story and u no update!
Lol please
8/15/2013 c3 dalulzing
please update
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