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for The Incredible Hulk VS Sosuke Aizen

5/23 c1 Nick Walsh1
why are people thinking aizen would win? its stated in marvel that the hulk is technically a spiritual being and is immortal in the literal sense, plus while not being limited by banner in a fight with red she hulk they destroyed a planet and its moon in one clash.
6/9/2018 c1 linguaphile
Watching Thor: Ragnarok. Perfect short story to go with this movie. Thanks, forever Hulk!
6/8/2015 c1 chris
so when the next chapter coming out
4/6/2015 c1 Naruhina Hater
This would be the most likely outcome. Hulk's strength and powers grow with his rage and Aizen would be stupid enough to make the Hulk angry. A few think Aizen would win but they're wrong the Hulk beat a few Gods Thor included and Aizen not a God just powerful.
1/31/2015 c1 lord freelancer
Lolololololololololololololololol that is how it would go exactly that
4/21/2014 c1 Esaint Dracul
AWESOME ! but i think this scene is excatly taken from movie The Avengers.
1/2/2014 c1 5Tobi-Douchebag-666
Shouldn't there be a part where Aizen suddenly starts going crazy and tries evolving
11/7/2013 c1 45Insieme per la vittoria
I like the Hulk a lot, and I honestly can't stand Aizen. I always thought Aizen was too powerful for what he was and had no place as a primary villain. still, I must point out that Soul Reapers have spiritual pressure which protects them against attacks. that is why only a soul blade can cut them. assuming the Hulk could see Aizen, his fists would harmlessly bounce off Aizen's spiritual pressure.

I know this battle wasn't serious, and I can perfectly understand insulting Aizen, I'm just pointing out that realistically this fight would not go like that. Aizen is more a guy who cheats than a warrior, but he still has power that would prevent the Hulk from even hurting him. I wish to straight up explain that I am not a flamer or a hater, and I honestly have no intention of insulting you or your writing. I am merely pointing that out.
9/9/2013 c1 5willy.hizzy
What a short story.
1/15/2013 c1 Guest
That is like (hulk)spider men) vs (galactus (aizen)
1/15/2013 c1 Guest
What the fuck LOL why the hulk win , to someone to powerful like aizen I do not understand , aizen just use the illusion so hulk think he is fighting aizen ,but he is really hurting him self and aizen have 100 ways to kill the hulk LOL I mean for real ,
1/11/2013 c1 5callmeBaby'08
Legal best part in the movie and you placed Aizen in Loki' s place...epic awesomeness
12/8/2012 c1 18Zekariah C.L. Schron
Nice best crossover duel yet!lol
11/6/2012 c1 2The Sin of Justice
Funny, but there's no way that this would happen. Aizen would totally pwn the Hulk so badly and quickly, that it's not even funny. But still, I got a laugh out of this. It reminded me of that scene when the Hulk thrashed Loki.
10/17/2012 c1 Guest
Hulk might beat a puny god like Loki, but seriously?

Him beating Aizen is about as likely as Batman beating Galactus, only possible in fanboy-verses.

Now don't get me wrong, I prefer Hulk above the entire Bleach series, but that was ridiculous.
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