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7/22 c212 48dart53
lol... Great imagery.
7/22 c212 2ladyjunia82
Haha, his tongue is blue. Italian Ice would be awesome right now.
7/15 c211 ladyjunia82
LOL, lucky April came in time. Spider-Man can’t escape all the time ;)
8/28/2019 c210 ladyjunia82
That’s a good skill to have, especially during the hurricane season in Florida
8/21/2019 c209 48dart53
….lol...and accounting has to deal with another request for cleaning or replacement.
8/21/2019 c209 2ladyjunia82
LOL I don’t blame them, I’m like Illya in regards to the heat
7/30/2019 c1 21notsing
I liked this. Some of the little one offs in the series are my favorite part of various episodes. This reminded me of those. Thanks for posting.
7/27/2019 c208 2ladyjunia82
I love that song, one of the best the Spoonful did. And that last bit was gross but funny :D
7/22/2019 c207 ladyjunia82
LOL at the end
4/3/2019 c206 ladyjunia82
LOL naughty April, and poor Illya
4/25/2018 c203 Guest
3/16/2018 c199 49M H E Priest
So cute!
2/21/2018 c198 M H E Priest
Cute! So glad everyone got “some.”
2/14/2018 c197 Michiemabelle
Truer words if ever there were spoken. I think Napoleon won't learn his lesson.
2/7/2018 c196 214Avirra
I cannot read or hear that phrase about Mother Nature without mentally seeing the woman in that margarine commercial *lol*.
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