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for When Mockingbirds Cry

4/10/2017 c1 Guest
Amazing idea. Really. I think it's far better than in book. Only, the birds. These are not mockingbirds nor mockingjays, but jabberjays.
11/16/2015 c1 Guest
It's jabber jays. Not mockingbirds. Mockingbirds are in real life. Jabberjays are mutations or mutts.
11/24/2014 c1 Guest
It's not mockingbirds it's a jabberjay
6/6/2014 c1 2Mockingjay61
This is really good! :)
4/30/2014 c1 171Julia451
This is an EXCELLENT idea! This should have happened in the book and movie; I honestly don't know how I'm going to read it again without picturing this scene instead - it just makes so much sense! Katniss' train of thought that leads to the idea is PERFECT, too. Well-executed and well-written, especially how the Capitol tries to stop her and why they still fail, and the paragraph describing the effect it can't help but have on the Districts no matter what they try to hide! 9/10

Point lost because the creatures are "jabberjays" - fix that, and it would be perfect ;) Still love it!
3/20/2014 c1 135whenthemarshmallowmettheslayer
2/26/2014 c1 2FireRebel
Epic! I don't remember if I reviewed or not...oh well. I really like this idea. This is a scene I've seen many authors play around with. I like it. Pretty cool. Sorry kinda lost my train of thought. I'm suppose to be studying anyways...good job though!
2/5/2014 c1 Adelene Black
So glad to find someone did this! When I read the book I felt like screaming at Katniss to start singing to stop the birds. Great job!
1/2/2014 c1 8Meercatwhisperer112
This was really good! I took your advice and decided to check your profile out :) First hunger games fic I've read, but the summary intrigued me
12/15/2013 c1 ImnothungerImtribute
This is amazing,I want to read more about this,I want that the book really has this part.
I'm the girl that you meet in the bazar,I read it there :)
11/25/2013 c1 Guest
Wow. That would have been a coool twist. great jiv
11/6/2013 c1 4firstjumper-tris
This is awesome!
10/1/2013 c1 DoomLich
Really clever, I hope you continue this beyond a one-shot.
9/22/2012 c2 Guest
It's a great first chapter. I trully beleive that you have to continue.
8/17/2012 c2 8MuffyLooWho
I think it would be awesome if you continued this, posting the same scene from various points of view. Each chapter would be a different person's reaction to watching Katniss' overcome the Mockingjays with her singing. Haymitch and President Snow, maybe even Finnick's as he was beside her.
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