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8/15/2021 c11 DeltaGhost
Am not sure any of you ask or comment this question here it go

So quick question for ya'll so here Does link [Hero Of Time] keep the fierce deity mask at the end of Majora mask/ termina event I want to know that question hope one of you answer mine
8/15/2021 c29 DatOneReviewer
Found this story again after years, I don't know how life has been for you but I hope you're doing well man. The build up and the struggles of the story are as amazing as I remember. I hope you find the inspiration to take up the pen again. Hope you've been having a great life, I'll go back to patiently waiting for an update.
10/19/2020 c29 oh boy
Talk about the worst possible timeline, sheesh. I mean, I always knew that the world being destroyed was a possibility and I was even rooting for it to be destroyed at the start, but realizing that it's fate was inevitable and that Naruto couldn't willpower through it was depressing. I was really hoping for a Deus Ex-Machina or something to stop the mask.

Now maybe at the end of the story (IF It evers truly ends) and the conflict between Majora and Naruto reaches it's climax, he pulls through and finally gets to die because I don't think there's a pair of dragon balls to undo everything.
10/25/2019 c29 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
This is not good. Majora is going at it again. Hopefully the deity returns to link... Thoug, if going on with this, the trio grows close, there maybe infighting on both sides. Hope to see more soon.
1/16/2019 c29 3TheRealCooper
So I just got done reading the entire story (so far) and I am just so eager to see how this will all end. I was reading the first part like 'Alright, how are they gonna stop Majora and save the Elemental Nations?' Already you've blown my expectations out of the water. Now I'm left with so many questions. When will Naruto break free? CAN he break free? How many worlds will Majora destroy before he does? Will Link stop him in Termina? Will Link die too? When will the FD mask return? If Naruto even cam break free, where will he go then? Will he find a way to bring his home back? Will he be forced to wander the different worlds? I just have so many questions bouncing in ky head
12/29/2018 c29 1A-Tyranid
I Love this story. And I world be happy if you updated it. However feel no pressure. After all you have all the time in the world.
8/10/2018 c3 StoneTheLoner
Horror would be a better Genre.
6/18/2018 c4 Guest
NOPE u ... Split up ino-shika-chou nope im done
6/18/2018 c11 8Seth.Smelser
I really want the nine tails to be the true hero where it burns out majora influence and burns the mask off Naruto all because he refuses to have his host be a puppet if he not his puppet. Selfish motive yes effective yes pure awesomeness hell yes.
6/15/2018 c15 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
I wonder what was reported to Hiruzen about the Happy Mask Saslesman?
6/15/2018 c14 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Awww! How cute! Ino and Naruto kissed one another! It’s also good to see Naruto will try to make people as happy as he can before the moon impacts Konoha. Still...
6/15/2018 c13 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Tick tick tick. The clock is counting down...
6/15/2018 c12 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Oh dear...Naruto...fight it!
6/15/2018 c11 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Wow...so long Asuma. Man. What a way to go...Naruto must really feel bad. Still, this was a very good chapter. Will Naruto ever be able to control the temptations of Majora’s Mask? Hmm...
6/15/2018 c10 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Looks like it’s time to wear the dreaded Majora’s Mask once more!
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