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for 3 Nights 3 Dates x4 Girls! Huh!

1/18/2019 c24 11Finalfaw
In all honesty you can tell Mizore is your favourite, her chapters seem much more... natural and well flowing, the others felt more like playing up their characters, whereas Mizores' chapters seem they seem much easier around each other, to be fair Shes my favourite character in RV too, her character arc is more about her being more comfortable with herself (with the side of wanting Tsukunes' baby) rather than ever other characters personalities revolving how much they want Tsukune for their own. (my one complaint about harem manga is that the character these quite frankly astonishly good looking characters are into is usually bland as all hell, with their main "feature" usually being how kind and subservient to the females they are, Tsukune does take a few levels in badass later on but for most of it he just "exists")
12/9/2018 c1 thestutz
Please don't end your account with fanfiction. When you do your stories go with you and what I downloaded is not permanent. I lost a lot of stories because of this and I really liked them.
12/8/2018 c28 1Goldenyoshistar1
You know what you should have done? This would have pleased everyone. Chapter 27 gave it open up to all 4 girls, but it was never stated on who is truly was till Ch. 28. However, you could have showed what would have happened if the last girl was not Mizore, but Moka, Yukari, or Kurumu. Heck, you could have easily done the all 4 option.
I'm more of a Tsukune X Moka kind of guy, but seeing Mizore win is not a bad thing. This is a very interesting story, and maybe would have been better, had you given us all endings.
I feel Moka was really the one for Tsukune, but I can see how Mizore would be able to win. Yukari... too young, Kurumu... bit over the top, and Moka has that Blood Fixation, and it does make me wonder how Moka is able to handle not being with Tsukune and his blood.
5/1/2017 c28 Guest
I don't like the 'ending' because I just don't think it really works. I like the idea that you can draw your own conclusions but in this case it doesn't evoke any emotion, there's no character to it. It's bland and feels like a cop-out, if you're going to make a decision then do it, otherwise return things to the status quo. The epilogue felt like a slapped-on attempt to make a decision and was as empty as the previous chapter, not to mention it was the WRONG decision (seriously I love Mizore).

It's a great story, it really is, but if you want to make an ending for everyone than you should've just done that. Yeah it means you'd have to write four (or five? Not sure how that would work with Ure) chapters instead of one but then it would actually have a resolution instead of just stopping.

Either way, great read with a shit ending, very much worth the time.
3/10/2016 c9 12Gamera68
Its one disater after another.

That's not a dog, Yukari!

* runs away from bear *
3/10/2016 c8 Gamera68
Geez, Yukari gives a whole, new meaning to disastrous dates.

I kind of feel bad for her.
7/26/2015 c27 1L'assassin orange
This chapter was so heartbreaking... Because I feel both Tsukune's pain, which is an horrible, insidious guilt and self-hatred for hurting someone's dear to him, and the poor girls' pain, coming from their all-consumming hope of being the one chosen by their love, then the horrible realisation, and the terrible sorrow that follow, while still trying so hard to not hurt him anymore because he's so obviously hurting from their own hurt. It was powerful, it was pure emotions, described so wonderfully that it doesn't just appear; it comes inside you and force you to live them. It was a good Journey, and while the end was bittersweet, I can say that it was worth it. As for the epilogue, it was exactly like I pictured it would happen if he did choose Kurume; trying to be both a good father, a good husband, and to not reopen such deep wounds on Mizore's heart. Congratulations to you, sir. It was my pleasure.

L'assassin orange
7/7/2015 c7 2NonleadedSage
This is pretty interesting lets see how it ends
4/17/2015 c28 12DemiDemon99
1/10/2015 c27 Guest
okay so who did he choose
1/8/2015 c1 Guest
You rule for being humble, author

Thanks for not being a gigantic egotistical piece of shit
12/24/2014 c28 1SasukeSagara
8/22/2014 c28 Spazzman29
So glad he didn't pick Moka since she is my least favourite girl in his harem. Kurumu is my favourite so I'm glad she was the one he picked.
1/22/2014 c5 mac10m1
A very well written lemon, very enjoyable! Keep up the good work!
10/20/2013 c28 NigmaE
I liked your story. It was fun, exciting, and full of suspense. Overall, I found it to be very endering and sweet, and a restfull respite from my wery life. The love and affection you put in your work only show kyour skills and dedication to your writng, and your have my thanks. I had some problems with it, though. I never felt like Yukari had an actual chance, despite all the effort you put into the chapters you featured her. I know that she can be a difficult charater to work with in regards to a romatic relationship, given her age and attitude , but I though you coped out on her chapter, personally. I'm not saying that you should have written a real sex scene, that was your decsiosn, not mine, but I felt that you could have done better in regards to that. Of course, I don't remember much from that chapter, so I could be speaking from my arse. I felt that the ending before the epilogue was waaaaaay to open ended for my tastes. I respect your choice and your fellings behind it, but it just felt to me like it carried all that suspence of the story up to that point, and dropped it all into a deep, dark lake full and lukewarm water. Or to say it simply, a letdown. This chapter, however, left me the most disappointed. I had a feeling right away that this chapter would pull a red herring of shorts, and I was right. And the worst part is that its still a little murky as to who he choose( I have an idea, but I can't say for certain), and that pissed me off. My thought was at that instant, " Great, another switch-aroo, can't he/she make up his bloody mind as to who he definatly get with, instead of this smoke and mirrors chapter". Chap 27 was a letdown, but it ended in a way that anyone could make their own pick as to who he ended up with, and that counts for something. I think , personally, so take it with a grain of salt, that if your wanted to include an epilogue, you already have choice who the love intreast he would end up with. Or you know, give as a definite answer as to who he ends up with. Don't take my critisim the wrong way, your story's good part far outway the bad, but they still left a bad taste in my mouth, aand I thoug hyou would like to have an honest opinion and review of your story, generally speaking. Good luck with your work, and I hope you continue making good stories!

NigmaE d _ b
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