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1/4/2005 c1 15Puffy Tribulation
Wow! this kinda reminds of that fic I wrote long ago...(I'm still digging!)

Yes, I admit I have to restart the whole game when Atman killed Alice, I didn't want to see her die that I had to follow the set of instructions to get the 'good ending'. Wah! I hate orders, but I had to obey!

Anyway, you're so bad! stopping their kiss when I thought they were going to! Gr!

I'm so glad you wrote this. There aren't many good writers out there. glad to find a gifted writer who likes SH.
11/23/2004 c1 26CuddlyChristina
Aw, what a sweet moment between Alice and Yuri. They are such a cute couple, if you ask me. Chapter 25 is currently up, so please review.
11/11/2004 c1 michelle
11/4/2004 c1 21Beastman
Wow, absolutly beautiful. Alas, knowing the fate which befalls Alice brings an unintended (because I know you) tragedy to this story.
10/18/2003 c1 24Lar-lar
Aw! This fic was trully wonderful! You are such a fantastic writer! Seriously! And this is one fantastic game! *nods excitedly* Yep! I LOVE it! I will so be writing some fics of my own jjust as soon as I finish it! :P Laters!
8/3/2003 c1 1Skull Xero
That little sence what deadly, too bad Zhuzhen got in the way. And Yuri was about to tell her that he love her too! Bad Zhuzhen, bad! Well nice fic but you know, about the not kissing thing, I really can care less since I got too caught up with the story itself, but it was a nice touch on making them not kiss, since romance isn't really the main point of the game.

P.S: :: In desperate attempt to remember what was I going to say about Kurtty... :: :: fail miserbly ::
4/6/2003 c1 Alice Elliot
Wow! Amazing story. So romantic! :)

I hope there will be more Yuri and Alice love-fanfics!

And yeah, you should make them kiss already.

It´s sad to hear that they don´t kiss at the end :( ( I was hoping that they would)

oh, and I would be very happy if you would make story about Yuri and Alice making love...
2/28/2003 c1 chibilunarangel
Once again, you have written an excellent fic. And yes, you should have them kiss already! It's torture, and it is so obvious they like each other.
1/27/2003 c1 5Ravin Wolf
I support ya written another ficcy! I gotta beat the game! I can kill Albert easily enough but that damn 'god' thing keeps masacaring meeee! *pout* Maybe it's something to do with the fact I'm only on level 42 with everyone. ^_^ I hate leveling up, it's borinngggggg! But I guess if I wanna beat the game I gotta, eh? Really nice ficcy! ^_^
1/23/2003 c1 3CallMeMina
WOW! you are so talented. YURI WAS SO SWEET TO ALICE! you know there personalitys perfectly. (^.^)ohhhhhhhh i have to read aother one of your fics.
10/22/2002 c1 Jackie Almasy
Awwww! Absolutly well writen story though I was kinda upset that you didn't have them kiss! Lol! Anyways..absolutly great! You should write more!
9/7/2002 c1 13Aberlemno
Ico has 4 fanfics and got its own section. Shadow Hearts has at least FIVE, probably more, and it STILL hasn't got its own section! That's so unfair! Sorry, just had to complain to someone. This is a brilliant story.
8/28/2002 c1 miffy valentine
Yeah, write more! This is cool and spooky and its nice to know i am not alone in my shadow hearts fanship...everyon else thinks its rubbish *teardrop*
8/18/2002 c1 finder
i love it! more shadowhearts fics!
8/2/2002 c1 24NightsDawne
Nice and emotional, and again great work with the characters. Zhuzhen and his bad timing really destroyed things for you, hmm? Well, I enjoy reading your writing and wouldn't mind seeing them kiss, although I personally enjoyed the fact that the game didn't push too much mush and allowed the rest of the characters their due rather than focusing too heavily on the romance. Maybe on the train or something is when you can have it done. I'd love to see some of your work with the other characters, too. Great job!
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