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11/19 c20 3Darkw01fie
she wouldn't be dead in the cave, because a wizards magic dies with them. That's why Harry didn't remain frozen on top of the divination tower at the end of half-blood Prince, Dumbledore died and his magic died with him, it's even the evidence Harry uses to accept Dumbledore's death.
10/23 c30 Christy
I have been ready your stories for years. I just got around to this one. I have to say you are very talented. You tell stories that keep people coming back for more. You are a favorite of mine. Please keep doing so. I know real life has a way of interfering, I don’t read as often as I like due to real life and I do not review nearly as much as I should. I loved this story. I like stories where Hermoine goes to the past. I just can’t seem to find many.
10/19 c30 2ThatFag
God everything hurts and this final chapter had me sobbing. Once I've healed I'll definitely be back for a re-read. Love it
10/14 c1 Guest
I love love this fic. I was wondering if you’d ever consider cross posting this on your ao3 account?
10/13 c30 ForevrJaci
I reread this amazing story several times a year and I absolutely drown myself in the world you created. However, I always tell my self I won't reread the 30th chapter as it broke me the first time I read it. The debilitating pain and heartache Sirius causes with his reckless, selfish actions are almost too much to bear. But then I remember how strong and determined your Hermione is and her milites and their families staunch in their support, love and honor of her. Her god- daughter's family and her own children's strength, and I take a deep breath, hit next ok my phone and read chapter 30. By the time I finish my cheeks are wet with tears and I am thankful that the main story does not end this way. Chapter 30 is a heart-wrenching beautiful piece, but the changes to their society and the relationships built from the main story are what keep me coming back to this story. Thank you for sharing your world and, as always, happy writing.
10/6 c3 ressmania
aku baca ini udah kesekian kali nya looh hahaha. Bagus banget asli ni Fanfic.
9/29 c30 morethanbooks
I've never read the alternate ending... I'm glad Sirius feels like shit. Poor James though. im glad Hermione still had her militias it sucks how she suffers bc of Sirius's impulsiveness
9/12 c21 2Weasleytwins07
I had to stop reading this and comment! This my third time reading this, and I have to day, this time around i am truly enjoying the two Hermione’s conversations! They add so much to the story, and the comedic relief of it sometimes is wonderful! Thank yoh for taking yhe time to write such an amazing story!
9/10 c30 10sarah.shilo
This was the loveliest story!
9/5 c30 AuntCori
WOW! I just found this story and have spent just about every spare moment reading it. I have LOVED the inner dialog between the 2 Hermione's.
8/31 c30 Guest
This is without a doubt one of the best fanfictions I've ever read, thank you!
8/30 c30 10Myst867
Ah this whole story was AMAZING! I loved everything from the way you inserted aristocratic mannerisms into the purebloods to James's nickname "my own" for Hermione. The Seers visions were so well done and made complete sense to me, I also loved how you explained her seeing multiple visions and their probabilities. Pairing Harry/Luna put me over the moon lol, I love them together and rarely see it.

Thank you so much for writing this fic, I'm going to come back and reread it over and over again (since I couldn't stop this first time and stayed up until 4am to finish so my brain got fuzzy on the Voldemort defeat!
8/15 c30 canissicion
never really read the last chapter properly but fuck did that kill me
... im crying with love and happiness
8/13 c28 sriuspotter
Acabei de reler essa história, provavelmente a minha favorita de viajante no tempo Hermione!
8/4 c30 monay9e
This was truly a beautiful written masterpiece.
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