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11/20 c29 8CoSmO333
this was amazing thanks for sharing
10/23 c29 Anne Bond
Didn't expect to loved this so much..
Kudos author
If possible, can I request Abraxia's and Acacius' family history?
Like who married who and all... at least surnames... so i know (sort of) how closely related they are...
Thank you for the fic
10/20 c4 5WJEvans
This is spectacular! The last four lines haha I’m in stitches
10/18 c28 fitzgema
I just spent a lovely week-end rereading this story. It's one of my favorites, thanks for the entertainment. You tell a great tale :). By the way, are there any plans to move this story to your site over on Archive of Our Own? This is a story that I don't want to lose track of and AoOO lets you download. Thanks again!
10/13 c29 Guest
I've read this story before several times and I hope to read it again several more times. Great job!
10/11 c28 geenakmom
Absolutely loved your story! A rare gem indeed!
10/6 c28 26Indygodusk
I stayed up too late reading this. Lots of fun! Thank you!
10/1 c1 1THGHPTVD.2
I read this story for the first time earlier this year, during my country's lockdown. I loved it when I first read it, but then I forgot the name of the story. I found it again yesterday, and just finished re-reading. I still love it.
I think my favourite vision of Hermione's is the one that happens in chapter 21, where the possibility of Hermione being reincarnated again after she died is shown.
I didn't really understand the last chapter the first time, but re-reading it, I could follow it with ease.
I wish you all the best in writing and in life. Thank you for your story.
9/21 c22 imnotahorcrux
It's like I'm reading another AU of this ff when I read some of her visions. They're kinda like an idea that's just popped up out of nowhere and you want to make an ff out of it, but like "meh, let's just make that a vision. It's awesome just like that anyways."
9/12 c21 7einna
I like the part where Hermione returned to Hogwarts for the third time. Can I request a separate story for this one?
8/31 c28 LenaM7926
this is still one of my favorite stories. I come back to it at least every other monthI still get misty eyed at certain parts! thank you so much for this!
8/27 c20 tomascatts
You gave Pettigrew a far too easy of a death
8/24 c28 Hell-Lay
Hello ! I'm belgian and I speak french, so i'ts been a challenge for me to read your story, because I can read english correctly for only a few weeks without using a translator ! So I'm really proud to say that I have read your story in only four days. I was so fascinated by your story that I read all day long ! You are an amazing writer, if you write a book, I really want to buy it !
Ah, and I loved the french passages in your story, do you speak french ? Because there were perfectly wrote. I really loved it when Hermione (it was hard to read it Her-my-on-e, because in french we say Er-me-on, but I got used to it after a few chapters) finds out that it was baby Fleur ! And she is a perfect marraine for her. I was also surprise by the number of french word used in english, but it was fun to discover !
Your story gave me plenty of dreams and I learned more things about you language than I have in six years in school (and I learned english mostly with Doctor who and Netflix) !
And about the story itself, I was really surprised by the way Hermione planed everithing, and I was really pleased to see someone gave her the status of seer, it's difficult to use this in a story, and I liked it only in "Boules de cristal et feuilles de thé", a french story of course, when Hermione is sent when Tom Jedusor is in sixth year and she become teacher of "divinationI dont remember the word in english, sorry).
What else can I say ? You used all the characters without making them OOC, you had countless of original ideas, my favorite is about the natural bond and the reincarnation of Sirius and Hermione, and I can't remember disagree or dont like something. Also, I love your humour, I can't count how many times I laught, probably more than when I read a supposed "funny" story.
Well, this review is becoming really long, I hope my english wasn't too bad and that you understood everything. Thank you for your amazing story, I think I'm going to read it again just after I send this review.
Bisous, et merci pour ton histoire merveilleuse !
8/21 c9 Books85
It's funny, but I generally don't care for Maurauder era fics, because they tend to get bogged down in teenage angst. This has a bit of angst, but also plenty of humor, and the friendships here are lovely.
I see the first Voldemort war not far in the future, and I wince at the thought of the lost of innocence (and lives!) of these lovely young people .
Thank you for making me laugh out loud.
8/18 c3 mynameisnotactuallyJeff
Hermione? Can just? Protect herself?
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