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5/6 c26 NCC1701D USS Enterprise
YESSS "He won't see it" hahhaahaaaà
5/4 c1 raven haired girl
pathetic story ewww
5/1 c22 Guest
That dream better not happen or else...
4/29 c30 mumphie
I am so glad that this chapter was only a vision. So sad and tragic, I do wonder why Lily never contacted her. Also, what happened to her parents? Why didn't they keep in contact? Why didn't James write her and tell her how sorry he was that he had that oath with Sirius when they were children that caused their twin bond to break?
Anywho, so glad the happier ending was real.
4/29 c28 mumphie
I thoroughly enjoyed your tale! I have been wondering if Severus had time to invent any great potions while he was a body guard. Did the body guards also get reincarnated or did they just pass down the duty from father to son? Did Draco find happiness and did he turn out okay? I realize that Harry was a secondary character, but how did he fair? He and Luna got married and had children (I hope many). Since odd things happen to him, were he and Luna also fated to be reborn through time? What kind of life did he have? I guess it doesn't matter, but was curious.
4/26 c30 riverghost80
One of my favourite stories...any chance of Hermione 3.0?
4/23 c1 Jack
okay...some may have told you this already but its SEVERELY creepy that james calls his sister MY OWN.
4/12 c30 7Forensica X
Yeah I reas the warning but wow that was so much more heartbreaking than I imagined with sirius and James’ blood oath in the mix.

Loved crying to it lol.
4/3 c30 courtneyturner345
this story was great as a whole, but this AU one shot was amazing and has me full on weeping. my heart aches for them all.
4/1 c1 WAR0032
I was re-reading this amazing story and it’s so good, this chapter made me cry. You are an amazing writer, I was wondering if you could make more parts of alternate futures as I loved the different versions Hermione saw.
3/28 c30 14Broweyesandhair
Oh wow. I’m crying. Great story!
3/27 c30 2carrierd
I was coming back to re-read this absolutely amazing story, and read this chapter for the first time. When I tell you I cried, what an understatement! More along the lines of sobbing like a baby, I mean.. amazingly written and I’m in awe of how you can just come up with this stuff on your own!
3/25 c29 Eminator
Just thoroughly enjoyed re-reading this. Must be at least the 10th time. Definitely an all-time favorite! Thank you for writing such a masterpiece!
3/21 c20 Jessi
Trigger warning for chapter 20: talk of miscarriages and threats and nightmares of rape. Just read to see the basic outcome then skip to the end of the chapter :)
3/21 c7 15d'elfe
Oh my, the lubricant comment just killed me !
This being said, it is high time Hermione shares her secret with someone, right ?
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