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for Roundabout Destiny

5/26 c30 MAHA1959
hello. really too sad this OS. but this is a very nice story. to read you soon - Maha from Paris
5/23 c28 8helpfulfairy92
This entire story was beautiful from start to finish. I’ll be honest, the first chapter I was very unsure, the concept wasn’t something I was convinced on, but I stuck with it and boy oh boy am I glad!
Hermione being an absolute badass? Yes please! Seeing all her friendships and relationships with her family was so good. Knowing she had the chance to make sure James and Lily and Harry got to have a chance at a better life? *chefs kiss*
Everything about this had me on the edge of my seat, and even though I know it’s an old one, I’m still so thankful you’ve shared it with us. I just *know* this is one I’ll come back to time and time again
Thank you xxx
5/23 c30 helpfulfairy92
I don’t even know where to start.
I’ve just binged this entire story (I have to be up for work in like an hour) and I am crying real tears rn
This ripped my heart from my chest and stomped all over it (and I know. I read the warning but I was like. How bad could it be) it was so BEAUTIFUL and ACHINGLY haunting and lovely but HEARTBREAKING
I loved this a lot and I am so so so so SO glad that this is only an alternate timeline and not what you went with bc I don’t think my heart could have taken it
I love love love! Thank you for sharing it with us xxx
5/13 c28 LAB1
I have loved this story! I've never read anything like it and you really made the characters come to life! You made Draco's dad into a likeable guy! Beyond shocking really!
5/13 c30 LAB1
This alternative reality really should be its own mini story. It was so sad and depressing! It made me cry too many times!
5/13 c30 6otherworlder81
Oh man, that reputigation chapter just about killed me.
5/12 c1 Afaithfulreader
Dear MaryRoyale,

I just wanted to say that I've read this fic so many times - you've done an absolutely amazing job with it. Your writing style, ability to construct a cohesive story, and balance between dialogue and narration is really well done! I know this was published a long time ago, but I hope you continue to write because you are really gifted at it.

All the best with everything,
A faithful reader :)
4/28 c30 2GeorgeTobor

And Harry and Luna while mentioned are left unresolved.

Still a well written tale, just sad.

Thanks for writing.
4/28 c20 Luxo11
Yea this is annoying, she’s constantly getting hurt so you can move the plot along. Shit writer. Dropped
4/27 c12 Luxo11
It’s funny how she’s supposed to be strong but is constantly a damsel in distress. Shit tier game
4/26 c5 losthufflepuff
Jamie... I love you, but you are SO dumb
4/26 c30 8cecinaj
hello! I read the alternate ending to Roundabout Destiny and LOVED IT! I was wondering if we could see what happened on James and Sirius’ end.

Did Charlus and Dorea flip out when Hermione was inadvertently removed from House Potter? I mean, she’s referred to as Charlusprincess,” so the abrupt removal of his daughter must’ve made him enraged and Sirius persona non grata for a bit.

If they did, how long did it take for them to forgive James and Sirius for the loss of their daughter? I imagine it would’ve been a long time, bc both James and Hermione were precious to them and if Dorea was murderous at Hermione’s Crucio aftermath...

Did Lady Longbottom forgive them? She was very close to Hermione, after all. And did she color Neville’s perception of the Potters?

How did James and Lily take to their son being treated like he would not know about honor? Did they go to McGonagoll? If so, would she have washed her hand of it bc basically James DID cast his sister out (no matter how intentional) and James was at the age where he knew that magic and intent were serious business when he made the blood bond with Sirius after first year.

What about Orion? He must’ve been apopolectic at Sirus’ actions and what it had cost his house. Did he end up casting Sirius out and instating Regulus as his heir? If so, did he have any relationship with Cephus and Cassiopeia?

Sorry for the long letter, but I just have so many questions!
4/24 c30 1StuckInEmeraldAndCrimson
A part of me wanted this one shot when she had that vision several chapters back. I was horribly wrong. The unknown would have been less heartbreaking.

Beautiful story. Thank you.
4/24 c30 Gizmoomoo
I really enjoyed this story! Loved the way you've written Lucius, I could get on board with a Lucius/Hermione story if it was that Lucius! I have purposefully not read chapter 30, I don't want the heartbreak and to spoil the happily ever after. But I thought it was a witty, well written story which was well paced, never boring and had a great plot. Thank you for writing it!
4/21 c30 Amanda Chapman
dude... that last chapter was the hardest thing I think k o have ever read... it was heartbreaking... so well written but heart breaking. I am so glad that you didnt gonwith that in the main story... I loved your story by the way. amazing writting
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