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3/21 c4 15d'elfe
Oh shite !
Will Harry ever be born ?
I'm quite liking how you're handling this. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
3/7 c30 1Tinybookworm21
This story is one of the best I have ever read! Finally a powerful Hermione who is acknowledged for her talents! The one shot was really good too! But I still prefer the HEA. My compliments!
3/7 c27 FallingThroughStardust
Was that attack done just so she could give birth in the library?
3/4 c30 ChamberlinofMusic
Such a beautiful tale of love and woe. My heart is crushed for them but thanks so much! I enjoyed it!
2/24 c1 drae
what even Is pureblood siblingship anyway like.
me and my siblings, and most every other (Western culture) sibling i’ve ever observed if they injure their sibling accidentally:
1. culprit is frantic while things are dicey
2. if severe, a small grace period of relief to decompress
3. barring specific circumstance, instant deep level forgiveness BUT
3. the injured has petty vengeance rights and ammunition to get their way for some time. it will never be forgotten. it will be 10 years later and they will STILL use it cuz that ammunition is there forever.

if it’s an age gap of, say, 4 years it’ll get more of a. mentor? sempai? elder responsibility vibe, but these two are twins and surface-level the same age. BUT! hermione is both time-fucked AND never had a sibling! and has no personal reference for that unique combination of ride-or-die and “sorry officer i’ve never seen them before in my life”. and adding pureblood peerage weirdness to that cocktail is definitely leaving some odd vibes. appropriate, from aforementioned circumstances, but odd.
2/23 c28 1PumpkinFlower32
That was a great read! Thank you for sharing
2/17 c30 herxy

*side-note: if your looking for a sign to read this. This is IT.
2/16 c28 Lovroffanfic
I love this story very much. Such a great job!
2/15 c28 tomascatts
Yeah a header of sometime in the future, or in 2372 would have helped
2/14 c25 tomascatts
People always gotta talk too much. You going to kill somebody you just do it
2/14 c28 buttons1721
I have been binge reading for DAYS! This is the most epic and amazing story!
2/14 c30 buttons1721
This alternate ending just broke my heart...
2/13 c12 Guest
Okay I get brotherly devotion to one's sister, I have 2 younger ones, but you go over the line into creepiness at times
2/13 c10 Guest
Men are such hypocrites
2/12 c7 Guest
Gloswinda?...really? Lmao
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