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3/21 c28 Princessgeek493
That was my favorite fan fiction ever wow really great strory so well written
3/21 c30 NellNelle
This was painful but in the best way possible, it was so conflicting wanting to scream at Sirius but also try to understand him. The only thing I wondered was what made Sirius think Hermione was cheating on him.
3/18 c30 sundaise
oh my god my heart literally got ripped out of my chest! i’m happy this was only her vision and sirius didn’t actually do the repudiation. currently: sobbing my eyes out
3/17 c21 Daboop Jones
this is amazing. an army of kickass housewives! I love it!
3/13 c30 mizmarcia
This hurt my feelings… In the best way
3/13 c30 Rayne Hunter
Oh. My. God. Thank you for that.
3/12 c3 Guest
Ew. I can’t help but think... Sirius... ew... older... likes Hermione... EWWWW
3/11 c29 Guest
Hermione 3.0!
3/11 c30 5LittleDragon5
This was a wonderful story. Although, now I sort of wish that the bit at the end was completely apart from the whole. I like the way you've taken reincarnation and made it outside time as we understand it.
3/10 c1 8Gammily
3/10 c30 Gammily
Absolutely beautiful
3/10 c30 ezahalkova
Great story I really loved it. Could you possibly do the alternate story when she is Hermione Granger again (the vision in chapter 21). It would be
3/5 c30 2Rita S. Rin
I wish you had expounded more on Harry's questioning of his mother because I am a little confused about what he was asking but other than that I love the chapter thank you
3/5 c30 alwaysonyxeyes
this was beautiful and just a wonderful story .. I love that you did the chapter of what could have been.
3/3 c29 Lovroffanfic
Since finding this story I have read it many times. Thank you for this. It helps me get thru the days. <3
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