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3/27/2019 c4 4TeraBaapBSDK
so slow
3/27/2019 c1 TeraBaapBSDK
its late, but why is frieza into slavery
11/14/2018 c34 Over 9000
It’s sad that such an amazing story die, even after 10 years of it doing so
11/12/2018 c34 The Toad Soldier
Man, this story is amazing so far! I wonder what Sidious will do now that he’s lost all of his “allies” from the Dragon Ball Universe, and if Goku and his friends will try to look for him before they leave.
7/22/2018 c1 twisterblake2015
nice lot
4/4/2018 c1 guillermo cervan
gran prologo saludos
12/17/2016 c34 4Tony Branco
More please!
3/18/2014 c34 Blake2020
interesting update soon
3/18/2014 c33 Blake2020
wow vegeta kill frieza wow
3/18/2014 c32 Blake2020
nice battle
3/18/2014 c31 Blake2020
wow king cold dead that something
3/18/2014 c30 Blake2020
nice chapter love the action
3/18/2014 c29 Blake2020
very good indeed
3/18/2014 c28 Blake2020
things are heating up
3/18/2014 c27 Blake2020
nice chapter lol of twist
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