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12/5/2018 c5 Felix Barnes
... is that a clock pun?

Please tell me that’s not a clock pun. Imma throw that out the window, just because it’s a pun. Also, because I wanna see time fly.
12/5/2018 c5 Felix Barnes
Huh... Hugo is a little OOC, but... goddamn, the feels...
12/5/2018 c4 Felix Barnes
... what does osculate mean..?

*siri, what does osculate mean?takes way too long to answer) formal, humorous: kiss.*

Ok never mind it means kiss.
12/5/2018 c3 Felix Barnes
Yeah...you probably will regret it.
12/5/2018 c2 Felix Barnes
He already agree four times...

1/22/2017 c6 4UrsaMajorStories
What a beautiful, lovely story!
9/21/2016 c6 6Shian1998
Cute story! Well written, and each of these characters seems to be written perfectly in character. Really love this film, and have been enjoying reading most of the Hugo Fanfictions. Great job with this one!
12/23/2014 c6 Guest
Awesome story you should write some more about Hugo and Isabel.
8/6/2014 c6 LesilGraceForTheWin
You have no idea how happy this made me feel! :D

10/31/2013 c6 1ZummyDelReal
Please continue writing!
9/22/2013 c6 4BLUENIGHT23
I love your story! :D
3/7/2013 c6 6The Lord of Insomnia
I loved this fic but is it possible for you to do another chapter about what happend the nex day?
8/30/2012 c3 1Dalianna
Nooo! Why did you cut off the music?
I don't quite understand what 'tsked' means...
All in all, this story gets better and better at every chapter I read.
8/26/2012 c2 Dalianna
I loved the "ever since Isabelle had got overly excited about one of her new books", I couldn't stop giggling and my sister stared at me like I was some freak.
It's totally like her to shout in the tunnels about some new book, and not to notice Hugo agreeing xD
Good job, well written and easily readable (does 'readable' exist or fid I invent it?), it keeps making you wanna check if the story has been updated.
8/24/2012 c1 Dalianna
The start is very good. You captured very well the essence of Isabelle's being. Have you read the book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret"? It's great!
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