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2/20 c1 Snow Fox
I got to admire Sena to handle six muscular guys for her first time.
12/26/2018 c1 Dyah
I felt the female Kobayakawa Sena that was contested by Yamato Takeru, Shin Seijuuro, Kakei, Akaba, Marco and Honjou Taka to be their lovers were more frightening than when she was contested by Ishimaru to join to his club and also member other clubs in Deimon.
1/26/2015 c1 41sierra.steinbrecher
The team's reactions were absolutely priceless, even though I couldn't completely match each one to a specific character.
6/2/2014 c1 4rentamiya
kawaiii 3
i really like this hehehe XD
12/10/2013 c1 5Crimson Dragon Devil
Ok, now this one was adorable! Shin just can't keep his mouth shut can he? But nobody's catching up with Yamato and Sena, no one, no way, and no how
8/28/2013 c1 4HitomiFeito
I can't favourite this! I mustn't! I have to preserve the number of favourites already (69) lol! Hilarious LOVED IT!
8/1/2013 c1 Guest
XD Shin is soo straightforward and honest! Soo funny!
5/26/2013 c1 1LunarStar98
5/20/2013 c1 10pinkus-pyon
jajajjajaj i like your fic :D has otro one-shot XDDD
1/26/2013 c1 kanakoyuki
oh please made the story out of it...such a waste not turn into story..please *making dog eyes*
12/31/2012 c1 Artemis-no-Subaku
Omfg I can't stop laughing there is a reason that I just LOVE Hiruma and its there with his threatening figure and his guns hahahahaha
10/9/2012 c1 20destiny921
I need to breathe... xD When I saw that there was a sequel I was like "No way!" But when I read it after I was laughing so hard. You portrayed them really well - completely in character. Hiruma is just epic in this. I feel like writing a fic with this kinda pairing now...hehe. Thanks for the great one-shot! Keep writing!
10/8/2012 c1 11pinaygurl28
Mou, you should write a series! Instead of oneshots! This is so funny! :)
10/1/2012 c1 4SenaAllMine3120
i LoVe YoU MARRY ME! kekekekekekekke Jk
9/2/2012 c1 11SleepyPuppy
kawai lol thanks for upl
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