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for Slipping Away

12/26/2012 c1 1nerd in me
love love love your stories although this one i way more relatable to me the nerd the average remeber everything nerd
12/20/2012 c1 Sylvina
Native American! Not Indian! Great story though :) I'll give your KristenPaul
12/17/2012 c10 18BlueEyedCountryGirl
Can't wait to see what happens when Kelly wakes up. great chapter, update soon.
10/23/2012 c9 BlueEyedCountryGirl
Loved the chapter! update soon.
10/23/2012 c9 2pyre-of-hellfire
This story is great! i never read an embry/oc story before and this is so cuuutee! its how i imagined embry from the book! :) great writing! 3
10/22/2012 c9 2lytebrytehybrid88
wow i was worried there for a minute. that poor girl is gonna lose her mind if she keeps running away like that. so will the jacob and nessie story tie into the rest of the stories because i really wanna know what he did that is so bad that she is running away from him but still staying around him for pack things.
10/15/2012 c8 18BlueEyedCountryGirl
Love the chapter. update soon.
10/14/2012 c7 2lytebrytehybrid88
This is funny but sweet at the same time. I've done inner monologues before and I sorta had to laugh when she went off about the spider too. Are you gonna do one with jake and ness cause they keep popping up in everyone's lives.
9/23/2012 c7 18BlueEyedCountryGirl
Great chapter. So glad she admitted how she felt about him and that he told her as well. update soon
9/3/2012 c6 BlueEyedCountryGirl
Loved the chapter. update soon.
9/3/2012 c6 7wildflower12
I love this I really do.. Update soon please? Yay! :D
8/22/2012 c5 18BlueEyedCountryGirl
Great chapter. Glad she's trying to be friends with him again. Update soon.
8/21/2012 c5 1scigeekgirl
awww...I'm so happy she decided to be friends with him again.
7/31/2012 c4 deleteda
Awh!LOVELOVELOVE, what actually happend with embrey and kelly?X
7/29/2012 c4 18BlueEyedCountryGirl
Loved the chapter. update soon.
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